Easter Matching Pairs Printable Game

Printable games and activities are ideal to keep the kids busy during school holidays or rainy days at home. It allows you to bring out a new activity without having to buy anything, and with no need for preparation. Just print out and you’re ready to go!

That’s why we are always making and sharing so many different free printable activities here at In The Playroom.

We have put together a free Easter themed matching pairs game, with two versions for kids to enjoy.

Use these Easter matching cards for kids to to play memory match or snap, or for younger toddlers to explore and find matching pairs.

With the black and white version, kids can color their own set of the Easter matching pair cards too.

easter matching pairs game for kids, free to print and can be played multiple ways

Easter Egg Match Up Printable Pairs Game

We have two versions of the game available to print – a full color matching pairs game, and a color your own matching pairs game.

Both sets have super cute Easter pictures to match up, from patterned Easter eggs to happy Easter kids and cute little chicks.

Full Color Easter Matching Pairs Game

easter matching pairs game

Color Your Own Easter Matching Pairs Game

black and white outline matching pairs game

How to Play

You will need

  • The printed matching card sheets
  • Scissors
  • Card
  • Glue (or print directly onto cardstock)
  • Crayons or markers (for the color your own black and white version)

Print and Make the Game

Print two copies of the page, giving you two the same of each card.

You can print directly onto card stock, or print on printer paper and glue the cards onto some thin cardboard to give them strength and make it impossible to see the pictures through from the back. Recycled cereal boxes work perfectly for this.

Cut out all of the cards so you have a stack of 24 all the same size.

Play the Matching Pairs Game

Spread out all the cards face down on a table or floor

Take turns to lift two cards and see if you have found a matching pair.

If the cards are a pair, that player can collect those cards.

If they are not a pair, remember what the cards were and turn them back face down.

Keep playing until all of the pairs have been found.

Matching pairs is great for 2 players, but you can play with more and kids can even play on their own as a quiet time one player game to challenge themselves how quickly can they find all of the pairs.

girl playing matching pairs

Play Snap

You can also use these Easter cards to play snap.

Shuffle, and split the set of cards into two piles – one for each player.

Take turns placing down a card into the play area, face up. When you get two the same, shout SNAP.

The first player to shout snap wins the pile, continue until all of the cards have been won.

Matching Pairs Easy toddler version

For the youngest kids, you can play this game with the cards face up, and let toddlers check out the cards and find pairs freely.

Color Your Own Spot the Difference

Use the color your own matching pairs cards to create your own spot the difference. Kids can color little differences into their pairs, and challenge each other to find what’s different.

how to play memory match

These games are great for children to play with friends and family, a simple activity like this is perfect for children to play with grandparents.

What do kids learn from matching pairs games?

These matching games can be used by kids of all ages

Playing matching pairs helps kids develop memory skills, logic, visual discrimination skills, concentration and practice turn taking.

It is a game with simple rules so it’s a fun and easy game to introduce with younger children.

If you have a younger toddler, you can start off by using only half of the cards, or less, to enable them to complete the game and get the hang of the concept.

If your kids enjoy matching games, you might also want to print out our superhero memory match.

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Download PDF

Click below to download this free printable Easter game for kids, in PDF format.

The PDF file has two pages – one each for the full color and black and white, color your own version.

To play the game, you will need to print your chosen page two times and follow the instructions in the blog post.

Terms of use: this Easter egg matching game is free for personal use and free for classroom use.


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FREE Printable Easter matching pairs card game for kids, play snap, memory match, and more simple games.

Thanks so much!

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