10 Easter Egg Coloring Pages for Kids

Easter eggs are a key part of the Easter celebrations, from Easter egg hunts, to decorating to eating chocolate eggs and of course Easter egg coloring!

Today we have 10 different color your own Easter egg coloring pages, along with some fun and unique ways to use them. This Easter activity is great to keep kids busy and entertained on a budget!

These free printable Easter egg coloring pages are an easy way to have fun with some Easter creativity this Spring. 

Easter egg coloring sheets for kids

10 Free Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages for Kids this Spring

These ten Easter egg patterned coloring pages are perfect for Easter and Spring and can be enjoyed by even the youngest toddlers, as well as older children.

Coloring is a great way to build up fine motor skills, work on color recognition, and all kinds of good stuff!

free printable Easter egg coloring pages for kids

Easter Eggs and Easter Basket Coloring Page

Color this Easter basket full of beautiful patterned Easter eggs. Stars, stripes, zig zags and dots!

Flower Pattern Easter Egg Coloring Page

This flower pattern Easter egg is perfect for Spring time. Grab your favorite colors and get decorating.

flower pattern Easter egg coloring

Plain Easter egg outline coloring page for kids to decorate

This plain Easter egg coloring page has a blank Easter egg outline template for kids to design their own Easter egg. Draw your own Easter and Spring time designs in the space.

decorate your own Easter egg printable page

Stripy Easter egg coloring page

Color each stripe in different colors to create a fun and bright colorful Easter egg picture

stripe Easter egg coloring sheet

Minimal Easter egg coloring page for kids to decorate

This blank Easter egg coloring page is also great for kids to design their own Easter egg.

decorate Easter egg printable

Dots and Stripes Easter Egg Coloring Page

Color in all the different sections of this Easter egg with bright colors and patterns using your favorite crayons, markers or paints.

color in your own Easter egg page

Swirly Pattern Easter Egg Coloring Page

Kids can make a beautiful Easter egg design with this swirly Easter egg coloring page.

Easter egg colouring pages for kids

Zigzag Easter Egg Coloring Page

Practice tracing the zig zag lines with a crayon and color this funky patterned Easter egg coloring sheet.

zig zag pattern Easter egg

Wavy Line Striped Easter Egg Coloring Page

Wavy lines make a classic Easter egg design, color and decorate this Easter egg picture with the kids.

wavy lines pattern Easter egg to color

Wiggly Lines Easter Egg Coloring Page

The final Easter egg coloring page is another wavy wiggly lines design to decorate.

printable Easter eggs

Ways to Use the Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Of course kids of all ages can decorate these Easter egg coloring sheets with crayons, felt tips, markers and paints but here are a few more fun ideas to mix it up!

  • Make a Fine Motor PomPom Painting Easter Egg
  • Use these free printable Easter egg coloring pages to have an Easter egg coloring competition – the prize can be a chocolate egg
  • Color the eggs, cut out and write Easter egg hunt clues on the back of each one
  • Decorate each Easter egg using strips of colored tape to fill in each section
  • Decorate these Easter eggs using stickers
  • Use the coloring pages under tracing paper, and have the kids trace the patterns with their pencil
  • Print two sets, color them the same and create your own Easter egg matching game
  • Use wipe-clean pouches or laminate, and color again and again using dry wipe markers
  • Use these Easter coloring pages to create your own color by number or color by letter pages.

Have fun!

More Easter Fun

Why not print out a few more of our Easter activities for the kids? They are all available to download free for some low prep Easter fun and games


Download all ten free printable Easter coloring pages in PDF format below.

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We hope you enjoyed these free printable Easter egg coloring pages for kids.

Please go ahead and share with friends and family so that even more parents and educators can enjoy this free resource.

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free printable Easter egg coloring pages for kids

Happy coloring, and Happy Easter!

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