Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas for your annual Easter Egg Hunt, then I hope you enjoy these fun printables I have to share with you today. These signs and decorations will help you to set up a really pretty and appealing Easter egg hunt for the whole family to enjoy.

Hunting for chocolate eggs in our back garden is always a hit with my boys, but these signs would also work really well if you’re organising a hunt out in your local community, with toddler groups, brownies or anything else. When my sister and I were little, we always enjoyed going on Easter egg hunts in our local woods. When you completed the trail, you would win a creme egg – ahh.. fun times!

Easter egg hunt printables, great idea to make a simple Easter egg hunt trailThese printables have been created by tinyme, and are gorgeous as always. I love the stylish designs that they come up with.

Inside this free printable Easter hunt pack you will find:

  • 8 x flag shaped Easter hunt markers (reading: “yum yum”,
    “getting close”, “hop over here” and “hop over there”)
  • 4 x Spring animal shaped Easter hunt markers (1 x Chick, 3 x bunny)
  • 4 x Easter egg decorations
  • 3 x Spring flower decorations
  • “Hoppy Easter” sign
  • “Oh Hoppy Day” sign
  • Start here sign
  • 2 x “Hop over here / there ” arrows
  • 6 x carrot decorations

Easter egg hunt ideas with free printablesTo make the decorations and signs, you will also need some wooden skewers, scissors and tape or glue.

Then all you need is a widen open space to hide your Easter eggs, and some enthusiastic kids!

Download your free Easter Egg Hunt Printables here

If you are also looking for some Easter egg hunt clues to go along with your signs and decorations, check out the ones we used last year. (printables also available on that page)

printable easter egg hunt signs. What cute easter egg hunt ideas

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Easter egg hunt ideas. Make an Easter egg hunt trail with these cute printable signs

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