Easter Egg Bunnies

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These simple Easter egg bunnies would be a cute decoration at Easter time and are lots of fun to make. You can customise each one to make all different designs of Easter egg bunny, or even make other Spring time creatures from your polystyrene eggs too.

easter egg bunnies craft


To make these Easter egg bunnies you will need:

  • 1 polystrene egg per bunny
  • acrylic paint
  • black marker
  • 2 googly eyes per bunny
  • 1 sheet of paper
  • 1 cupcake liner per bunny
  • 1 pom pom per bunny
  • glue pen
  • Bostik tape discs
  • details to decorate – adhesive flowers, ribbon, or other decorations of your choice

supplies to make easter egg bunnies


How to make Easter egg bunnies:

First paint your polystyrene eggs. Acrylic paint works well, but if not available then normal children’s washable paint should also work well. Lean them up carefully to dry. You also want to paint your spare paper at this time. We did both the same colour, in pale blue. If you want different coloured ears, you can paint your paper a different colour since you will cut the ears from this.

painting polystyrene eggsWe left our eggs to dry over night and came back to them to decorate the next day.

Once they are dry, take your black marker pen and draw some simple bunny features onto your egg. A nose, mouth and whiskers.

Then use your glue pen to stick down two googly eyes. Hold them down for a moment until the glue dries and they are stuck firmly.

Next, cut out your ear shapes from your pre-painted paper and attach them to the back of the egg using the Bostik sticky discs. These are round circles that are stick on one side, like sticky tape but they stick really firmly. The adhesive becomes stronger over time, and they are really handy.

We also used the sticky discs to attach each bunny on top of a flattened out cupcake liner. This makes a little grassy meadow for the bunny to sit in. We folded the discs in half to attach one half to the bunny and one half to the meadow.

easter egg bunniesWe used the glue pen again to attach a pom pom tail at the back of the bunny. Our flowers were self adhesive, but if you’re using flowers that are not already sticky then the glue pen would also be handy for this.

On the bigger bunny, we also glued on a pretty yellow ribbon to make him look more fancy. You could add any other decorations that you like to make a whole crew of cute little bunnies.

easter egg bunnies kids craft for Springtime


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