How to Make an Easter Egg the Easy Way

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We’ve never tried making easter eggs before but after our first time using a chocolate mould to make heart shaped chocolates for Valentines Day, I was up for the challenge of making some chocolate treats for Easter. We were sent a kit from Stay in Devon with all the supplies we needed and some instructions on how to make an Easter egg. I did adapt it a little to make our own unique slant on it as you will see.


All you need is some chocolate to melt, and a suitable mould, then any sweets or decorations according to your preference. Β These Choc on Choc buttons worked perfectly. We used two packets to make the eggs.

How to Make Chocolate Easter Eggs

First up, you need to melt the chocolate. Put one bag of buttons (or whatever chocolate you are using) into a bowl and microwave it for 40 seconds. Our microwave is 800 watt and after 40 seconds it was half melted, so I stirred and repeated it for another 40 seconds, after which the chocolate was completely melted.

Next, layer some chocolate into the chocolate easter egg mould and make sure the sides are all covered throughly.

You need to give this a few minutes to set, and then keep adding more to give a thicker layer.

How to Make Chocolate Easter Eggs with an easter egg mould

Β Now here is what I decided to do differently. Instead of making large hollow eggs, we made half eggs with a flat bottom. This makes life easier when working with small children, because once the chocolate egg is set and solid you can put it flat onto a surface and decorate it without it rolling around or rolling away from them.

To decorate we used coloured icing in squeezy tubes. I had lots of Easter egg decorating ideas but this was an ideal way to keep it simple but still fun and colourful.

easy way to make chocolate easter eggs - easter egg decorating ideas

We decorated the eggs using traditional Easter egg patterns like zig zig lines, stripes and spots and the icing was red, green and yellow. It’s just the colours which we had left over in the cupboard and is the usual type of small icing tubes which the kids use for decorating biscuits.

making easter eggs


The whole activity was really simple and the boys were so happy with the results. You do need to leave the chocolate to set in the fridge for quite a while before attempting to decorate, preferably over night, so it’s better do to this activity over two days. You could also put the moulds into the freezer to set it quicker, but ours were fine in the fridge over night.

easter egg decorating ideas - making easter eggs with kids


For the boys, their favourite part must be the eating! They said these chocolate eggs tasted delicious. The moulds we used were pretty large, so it was a really big egg for them! You could also use slightly smaller moulds and make more eggs, like if you wanted to use them for an egg hunt in the garden then that may work better. You could then wrap them in foil before hiding them.

easter egg decorating ideas


They loved having different patterns on their eggs and choosing which one to go for.

making chocolate easter eggs with toddlers


I have to share this picture of Mr R with his mouth wide open! So funny. He did not manage to finish that whole Easter egg! But he did give it a good try. They ended up with very chocolatey hands and faces, and very happy.

Have you tried making Easter eggs? What are the Easter egg decorating ideas you have been doing? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. We’ve never made Easter eggs but we have made chocolate truffles at Easter – they were delicious as was licking out the bowl!

  2. I’ve never made Easter Eggs only eaten them ! But this does look easy and I know my children would love to give this a go

  3. What a brilliant idea! Great fun to be had with kids and also you can keep an eye on the ingredients. I never feel comfortable with the additives that are in some of the commercial easter eggs.


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