Fine Motor Easter Egg Hunt

The boys love the ideas of Easter Egg Hunts but since we can’t do a chocolate Easter Egg hunt every day, I came up with another idea for them: a fine motor Easter egg hunt! This is a really simple idea which took me under 5 minutes to set up.



I used some of the craft supplies we had been sent a couple of weeks ago as a part of the Baker Ross craft blogger network:

  • A bag of Easter grass which I mixed with some extra green shredded paper I had from a parcel packaging. You could use any shredded green paper or even try shredded tissue paper.
  • Easter Sprinkles  – There are several varieties available from Baker Ross but we used the Easter Egg shape to stay true to the Easter egg hunt idea!
fine motor easter hunt with craft grass
The “grass”


fine motor easter hunt with easter egg sprinkles
The little Easter egg Sprinkles

I used a large parcel box to place all the shredded “grass” and the Easter egg sprinkles and mixed them all up. For any of you who have been reading my blog since the very early days and remember how we used to do all the sensory activities in the baby bath, that bath is now broken so I’m looking for a suitable replacement! Although the tough spot (cement mixing tray) is great for a lot of things, it doesn’t have that much depth. A large washing up bowl would probably work well, but as this activity is totally dry the parcel box was okay.

fine motor easter hunt idea


The boys worked on hunting through the grass to find as many of the tiny Easter eggs as they could then carefully picking them up and placing them onto their own paper plate. Mr Z wanted to make it a competition so they had a separate plate each and they counted them at the end to see who had found the most.


Because the Easter Egg Sprinkles are so small they had to use a pincer grip to pick them all up.

fine motor easter activity


Once they are all found there are plenty of opportunities for counting, sorting, colour matching and making patterns.

We have done a chocolate Easter egg hunt too, so look out for that post soon if you are looking for more Easter egg hunt ideas or quiz questions for an Easter egg trail.

Have you tried any alternative Easter egg hunt ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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