Hape 2 in 1 World Tour Puzzle and Game

Hape have a brilliant range of educational toys, games and puzzles for young children. Using their level system, you can easily see which products could be the most suitable for your child as they learn and grow.

Hape puzzles ranging from levels 1 to 6 allow children to progress through the levels, encouraging a continuation of age appropriate critical thinking, hand/eye coordination and dexterity with Hape’s ever growing collection of puzzles which combine one of a kind design and characterful illustrations that help fuel a child’s enthusiasm for out of school learning.

The Level 6 range for older children of 5 and above includes some lovely puzzles on topics such as world geography, or the solar system. We were sent the Hape 2 in 1 World Tour Puzzle and Game to try out and it is a really engaging way for young children to develop their familiarity with maps of the world.

This puzzle has 105 pieces, which are all pretty large so you definitely want to make this on the floor, as the finished puzzle will take up quite a large space. The puzzle is colourful and includes a depiction of the whole world, including the oceans, polar regions and plenty of animals in each continent.

Once the puzzle is complete, there’s no need to break it apart straight away – the completed picture can be used as a base for a simple board game where players race to be the first to finish a tour around the whole world. Using the wooden character pieces and dice provided, you follow your way around using the arrows that have been incorporated in the puzzle image. Players travel to each continent understanding each nations wildlife and landmarks as they go, before reaching the trophy at the finish line. Up to four players can join in each game.

Each game also includes a double-sided poster for even more fascinating information and a breakdown of the game rules.

The puzzle has lots of details and is drawn in a very cute and appealing style that is great for children. My kids enjoyed picking out details and using those to help them recognise where a piece should go when putting the puzzle together, and were happy when they could correctly identify which country or continent certain landmarks or animals should be in.

As the puzzle is large, it’s a great one for siblings to work on together as there is plenty of room for them to work alongside each other, and several of my children wanted to get involved in this puzzle. Equally, it would be a satisfying challenge to put together for one child on their own.

Offering a combination of challenging, educational and competitive fun, the 2-in-1 World Tour Puzzle and Game is available to buy online for £21.85 from WickedUncle.

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