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Cat Crimes from Ravensburger is a great logic game which can be played collaboratively or by a single player. The aim of the game is to deduce which cat is guilty of each mischievous crime, using the clues provided.

The game includes a play board in the shape of a table, along with 6 different cat characters. You get a pack of challenge cards in four difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert, icons for each crime eg spilt coffee or the bird eaten from the bird cage, and a booklet to help with instructions.

The game concept is easy to grasp, and my boys got into it straight away (ages 8-11). I also really enjoyed the game myself! We found it best to start with the beginner cards for a couple of rounds to get used to working out the challenges, and then move forward once you’re able to complete those easily.

Some of the more challenging cards really do get you thinking, especially for players at the younger end of the age range, and it was a great mental challenge which we all enjoyed.

We particularly liked that this game can be played solo, as it makes it a really good calming activity and it keeps any of the children occupied at times when their brothers are not there to entertain them.

The cat characters included are really cute and the whole concept has a cheeky charm that will make any cat lover smile, seeing the little cats get up to mischief.

Here you can see the difference between beginner and expert challenges, above and below. With the beginner challenges, once you follow the instructions of the numbered clues, it will lead you pretty easily to the culprit whereas with the higher difficulty challenges it just provides you with some possibilities, which you’ll need to work through yourselves.

These skills are great for kids to work on, to help with logic and critical thinking as well as being lots of fun.

Cat Crimes is available from retailers including Amazon and we would definitely recommend it

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