Shimmer Stars Review

Shimmer Stars are a new range of collectable plushes from KD Toys, with added sparkle! They can be customised with sequins using the shimmerizer styling wand which comes with the pet, and has plenty of accessories that can be shared between your child and their Shimmer Stars pet. My little girl N loves all things sparkly and glittery so we were sent a Shimmer Stars toy for her to try out and she has been having loads of fun with it.

In the Shimmer Stars range, you can find four pets to collect including a Unicorn, Cat, Dog, and a Panda. Our pet is the dog, and all four varieties include a bow, a tutu and a collar which can all be multi-purposed to be worn by your child as a scrunch (tutu), bracelet (collar) or bow.

The decorating and accessorising aspect of Shimmer Stars really made this toy stand out from other plushes that we have at home, and N will sit for ages adding the sequins, moving them around, deciding which shapes to put on and so on. It has a really nice mix of creativity and imaginary play.

The shimmerizer wand opens up so you can store all of the sparkles inside the star (over 200 included and they are reusable) and is really easy to use once you get the hang of it. All you do is choose your Glimmer Shimmer and place it on the centre of the star. Then use the built in Shimmerizer pink wand device to pick it up.

You need to use only one glimmer shimmer sequin at a time when doing this, and then they will apply to your Shimmer Stars plush perfectly, by just placing the shimmerizer wand onto the fur and pressing the button.

When they have been applied by the wand, the shimmers stay on the fur really well but can easily be combed out without damaging the pets hair, and then can be reused over and over. Storing them inside the shimmerizer after you’ve finished playing means they don’t get lost and can easily be played with over again.

You can even put the shimmer glimmers into your child’s hair using the same method, and just like with the Shimmer Stars pets they come out of kids hair easily too. We had no problems with them getting tangled or anything.

So far N mostly wanted to decorate her dog Shimmer Star more than herself, but I’m sure you could do some really funky hair styles with the shimmer glimmers in your child’s hair and slightly older kids could make up cool matching hair styles for their pet and themselves. You also get a headband with matching ears that your child can wear too, so the range of accessories included with the Shimmer Stars is pretty generous.

Shimmer Stars toys are a really fun concept for children who love accessorising and anything sparkly, as well as cute plushes. I was sure that they would really appeal to N, and I was right. It has a great mix of features that combine to make it instantly appealing to her, and as a parent it’s great to see how long she sits playing with this extending her concentration and using her hand eye coordination for the shimmerizer.

Each individual Shimmer Star retails at RRP £19.99 and is suitable for children ages 4 years +. Available from mid-July 2019 at Smyths Toy stores, and available at all good toy stores nationwide from August. Together we shimmer!

We were sent our Shimmer Stars in order to review

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