When I Dream Board Game Review

When I Dream is a brilliant word association game that is suited to larger groups, of at least four players. This game is ideal for family game nights, and has been very popular in our house, with children aged 8-11 and with us parents too.

The game concept is very easy to pick up. With players taking it in turns to play the “dreamer”, who needs to correctly identify the word cards. Other players can take on different roles – fairy who wants to help the dreamer guess correctly, Bogieman who wants them to guess wrongly, or sandman who can’t make up his mind and wants the dreamer to guess correctly only half of the time. When playing these roles, each person needs to keep it secret which role they are playing. The roles are assigned by selecting the cards, and with your role you will earn points based on how many words the dreamer correctly guesses – with the fairy rewarded for correct, the bogeyman rewarded for incorrect guesses and so on.

With the dreamer blindfolded, the play follows around the circle as each person says 1 word related to the word that they can see on the top of the stack of cards on the bed.

So on the card shown above, the dreamer is trying to guess the word “bowl” then a fairy would want to say useful associated words like “food” or maybe “spoon” whereas the bogieman may throw in nonsense words to throw the dreamer off the scent.

There is a timer and the dreamer is aiming to guess as many correct words as possible, and then can gain bonus points if he/she remembers all of the words that were guessed correctly at the end of their turn.

To prevent them seeing the cards with the words, and to provide that sleepy dreamy atmosphere, the dreamer wears the sleep mask while their turn is taking place.

All of the word cards are beautifully illustrated with lots of detail, which adds an extra layer to the game – perhaps appreciated more by the adult players. On each card, there is a word at either end although one is covered so only one word is used at a time. This results in some interesting combinations within the illustrations though, as the illustrations on each card always combine both of the words. Such as below, we have a panda but also a witch.

We found this game really entertaining, and as it’s an easy one to pick up you could be playing a round and then someone else comes along and wants to join in, and they can just slot into the next round of the game without any lengthy explanations. It kept the laughs coming particularly when the children got to play the role of the bogeyman trying to trick the dreamer, and overall it’s a great game for fun family time together especially as it is tailored towards larger groups playing together.

When I Dream is recommended for players of around 8 years old and up, and is available from retailers including Amazon

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