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Get Packing is a fast paced and puzzling game from Asmodee where each player races to pack the required items in their suitcase, but that’s not as easy as it sounds as each set can only fit in if every item is perfectly placed. This game is the perfect theme to fit in with summer holidays, as we have all been through this familiar scenario trying desperately to make everything fit in! Packing is the worst thing about preparing for holidays for me, but not in this game!

We were sent this game to try out for the Blogger Board game club via Asmodee, and it was a hit with our kids aged 8, 10 and 11, as well as with us parents. I found it’s a game where you keep wanting to try “just one more round” so could keep going for ages, as it’s really satisfying when you solve each level.

The game comes with 3 difficulty levels, to help meet the right level for each player. We found it best to start with the easier ones the first few times even for the adults, then once you’ve got the idea and learned a few packing strategies you’ll be able to manage the harder ones. For kids at the younger end of the age recommendation (Around 6 or 7) sticking with the easier ones may be a good idea, as it can be quite tricky at times and does really get you thinking when you have a troublesome selection of items to fit inside the case.

For each round, you choose a card which shows you all of them items you need to include in your suitcase and each card is labelled with a different destination to add a bit of fun and variety, and also helps children to get familiar with many destinations.

Items you need to pack include typical holiday supplies like a beach ball, hat, teddy, sunglasses, snorkels and more. Each case is only considered properly packed once you can close the lid completely.

If you’re finding any of the challenges impossible,  you do get a cheat sheet with solutions inside the booklet too so you can get a hint. These are really easy to follow if you do need to refer to them.

Get Packing can also be played as a one player brain challenge, which makes it a pretty versatile game. As a multi player game it is quite fast paced and high energy as everyone is racing together and competing whereas as a single player logic game it’s great for quiet time. In single player mode, it’s suggested to set a timer for 30 seconds each task but you can also scrap the time limit and let the kids work out the challenges without the time pressure, which would be better for the harder levels.

Overall this is a great game. Pretty different to other games we have played, with the unique packing concept. I love how it incorporates logic and also that it can be played in one player. The pieces are all well made from good quality plastic and seem like they should last very well. It’s a lot of fun, and I would recommend this game!

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