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Flipazoo World is a fun imaginary world including soft plushes and smaller play sets, each with a quirky and clever twist. Every animal can flip and instantly turn into another one, giving you 2 fun characters in one. We were sent some products from the range to try out, and have had lots of fun with these cute characters.

There are plushes available in a large 16 inch size (RRP 16.99) or a smaller 8 inch (RRP 9.99) with a variety of animals to collect in each size. We were sent the large cat and dog plush, which turns from a chocolate Labrador into a white kitty and also the 8 inch alligator / grizzly bear.

This is the cat plush above, really soft and cute. To turn it into the dog can be done in just a couple of seconds with a quick flip. The idea of flipping the animals is so easy for children to manage, even young children, and gives such effective results that it really impressed all of us.

For the larger plush, there are 6 varieties available including fun on the farm (cow to pig) and fantasy (dragon to unicorn) and for the smaller plush, there are four different varieties available including sea life themes of dolphin to walrus or seal to penguin.

With all varieties, the flip works in the same way simply by lifting the back of one animal and covering it over the other animals head, to reveal your new animal.

This mechanism is exactly the same for the smaller flipazoo sets, just on a smaller scale and with a different material. These are made of a very soft flexible type of plastic for the flippable bodies, with harder plastic for the heads.

These smaller figures come in multipacks of four (RRP 7.99 for the set) and can also work with small play sets that are part of the range, such as Flipazoo pods for RRP 9.99 or Flipazoo Vehicles at 12.99. Both of these look great and I’m sure would extend the playing possibilities even further.

Our set had a good variety of wild animals inside, and they are great for imaginary play as well as being really cute. It’s a great fiddle toy to keep little hands busy too, and the size of these smaller flipazoos makes them easy to slip into a pocket and take on the go.

See the transformation of our Flipazoo mini figures from the above into the below..

Which is your favourite?

To find out more about Flipazoos, or order, please visit Character Online

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