Discovery Dinosaur 3D effect Jigsaws Review and Giveaway

You can’t beat a good puzzle, and the kids and I have been having fun with a new range of Discovery Dinosaur puzzles each with 150 pieces.

These Dinosaur Puzzles, made by Kidicraft, are from the Discovery range of 3D effect puzzles which are manufactured using new Prime 3D lenses to give greater depth and motion to the images.

The 3D style really is effective, they felt as if the dinosaurs were really coming out of the jigsaws! And it also adds a little more challenge to completing the puzzles as it’s a style we haven’t tried before.

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44 Cats Toys Range

You may remember our post a few months ago about the TV series 44 Cats. If your children are fans of the show, you will be pleased to know that there is now a range of 44 Cats toys available to go along with the show! These new toys are available from retailers including Argos and The Entertainer.

The range includes musical plush characters, as well as smaller Buffycats figurines including colour change ones!

We were sent a couple of the new 44 Cats toys for N (Age 3) to try out at home.

44 Cats Musical Plush Toy – Milady

The Milady musical plush toy is very cute and soft, with easy to activate sound effects when you press her body. She plays a catchy song from the TV series.

N loved the musical Milady straight away as she is perfect to snuggle up to.

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Colt Express Board Game Review

Our board game collection is definitely coming in handy at the moment with the current lock down due to Covid19. They are a great way to pass the time as a family, and often keep the kids thinking so help to keep their brains sharp while there is no school. The latest new board game that we tried out was another from the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club – Colt Express.

Colt Express is a railway and bandit themed game, featuring a 3d train. The aim of the game is to become the richest bandit in the Wild West, by getting more loot than the other players but without being hit by too many bullets!

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BABY Born Surprise Collectables Review

BABY Born have launched a new range of collectable dolls, each with 10 different surprises to discover. We already have the larger BABY Born Surprise Bath time doll, which was a big hit with my 3 year old daughter N, so we were excited to try out the new collectables, which share some of the same features.

There are 12 new dolls available in this wave of the Series 3 BABY Born Surprise doll collectables, and they each come in a little pod as you can see above, which needs to be opened and unwrapped to reveal the doll and all of the surprises – a total of 10 surprises to discover per doll.

The first thing you’ll see when you unwrap each doll, is your BABY Born surprise wrapped in one of 12 different cute character swaddles. We have the cactus, flamingo and mermaid ones which are all really unique.

You will find a sheet inside which shows you all of the styles that are available to collect, and allows you to tick them off, keeping track of your collection.

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Century A New World Board Game Review

Century A New World game by Emerson Matsuuchi is the third and final game in the Century game series (the previous ones being Century Spice Road, and Century Eastern Wonders) This new Century A New World game is set in The Americas in the early 16th Century, and can be combined with the other two Century games if you have them.

This was our first time playing any of the Century games, and we were sent this game to try out as part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club.

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Blume Baby Pop

Blume Baby Pop is a brand new range from Blume Dolls, which is out today (Boxing Day) in Tesco Stores across the UK.

We have been enjoying playing with Blume Dolls recently, so N was so excited to try out these new toys. The Blume Baby Pop range has all of the fun elements and surprises of the Blume Dolls, but with a new twist – inside your sprouts, there are babies hiding along with cute accessories. How many babies will you get in each pack – will it be 3, 4 or 5?

When you open the packet, you’ll find a tray with five sprouts, each needs to be popped – which has a very satisfying sound! Inside each one you will either find a baby, or some accessories.

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tonies® Toniebox Review and Giveaway

When my boys were little, I found audiobooks so helpful with getting them settled at bedtime and encouraging them to lie in their beds happily while they fell asleep. I had been wanting to try something similar with my daughter who’s now getting to the right age, but with CDs not so common these days and as I’m not keen to use an iPad or Voice assistant device in the kids rooms, I have been wondering what method would be best.

Enter the tonies® Toniebox which offers a perfect child friendly solution to my dilemma, with screen-free story time and figures which are instantly recognisable to young children enabling my little girl to choose easily, and activate her Toniebox herself.

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A Ginger Fox Christmas

Christmas is not complete without family board games! This year in the run up to the festive season, we’ve been trying out some great card games from Ginger Fox which would make ideal stocking fillers, and are also great to bring along when visiting wider family over the Christmas season.

Here’s a run down of the games we have been trying out…

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