Science Mad! Science Kits Review & Giveaway

Finding toys and activities which spark children’s curiosity and allow them to follow their passions while having fun is a win-win for both parents and children. I love to see my kids exploring their interests and developing their knowledge, and the Science Mad! Science kits enable them to do just that. 

These are great quality Science kits for older kids of age 10+ who would like to go deeper into scientific experiments and offer a brilliant opportunity for kids to be able to do just that. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Science Mad Science kits available from Smyths

Science Mad! Science kits for kids

The really great thing that stands out about the Science Mad! collection of products is that it offers kids real scientific equipment and enables them to use real kits with working features. 

Using these kits, children are guided through fun experiments in the fields of chemistry, physics, electronics and more. I also learned a few things while supervising, so it is fun for the whole family and definitely a brilliant way of exploring hands on learning for kids who have a natural curiosity for Science and a thirst for exploring and gaining knowledge. 

Having the ability to use real equipment in a way that is not over simplified really helps to build children’s confidence and develop that feeling of being comfortable in the Science lab which will give them a great basis to go forward and keep studying. It’s brilliant that this range gives them the tools to drive that passion for science at home, and spark the curiosity to see what else is out there. 

As well as being educational, the Science Mad! kits are plenty of fun too, with loads more options available that we would love to explore like a Build Your Own Vacuum Cleaner Kit, a Circuit Lab Kit and a 5 in 1 Weather Station Kit. There is also a Rock Tumbler kit which is definitely something that has caught our eye as that would be so interesting to try out. 

Science Mad! Chemistry Lab (RRP £32.99)

Kids can discover the wonders of chemistry with this well-equipped laboratory set with an excellent selection of 10 different chemicals. It includes a real methylated spirit burner to help when learning about the fascinating chemical reactions involving heat. You do need to add some of the ingredients which do not come included in the box so take a read through, organise which experiments you are going to start with and then get prepared. 

science mad chemistry lab

Children will love performing 80+ safety-tested, themed experiments, all clearly planned and set out within the detailed instruction manual. The booklet gives through explanations so it is great for filling in exactly why reactions happen and what is being learnt during each experiment. 

science mad chemistry lab experiments

Click here to find out more and buy this Chemistry Lab set on Smyths

Science Mad! Crystal Growing Lab (£22.99)

science mad Crystal growing kit

Children can learn and discover about growing and cultivating their own crystals. The kit contains all children need to grow different colours and types of crystal with 17 different experiments. 

The detailed instruction booklet contains fascinating experiments and explains how crystals were formed when the gases the Earth is made from cooled, millions of years ago. You get some different shaped cardboards included which allow you to grow and train your crystals into different shapes, like grow a real crystal into the shape of a tree – how cool is that! 

science mad crystal growing lab

Click here to find out more and buy this Crystal Growing Lab set on Smyths

Giveaway Win the Science Mad Planetarium Star Globe

Science Mad! Planetarium Star Globe (£32.99)
The Planetarium Star Globe creates a light-up globe of the major constellations such as Orion, Pegasus, and Ursa Major that projects onto the walls and ceiling of a darkened room. The base makes the globe rotate and a light pointer helps you to highlight particular stars and constellations.

To find out more about the Planetarium Star Globe check out this review over on my friend Eileen’s blog – it looks so cool! Constellations and planets are something that really spark the imagination and kids curiosity so this is a really exciting product.

If your kids are interested in the moon, check out these 29 moon crafts for kids for even more fun and to get inspired.

Or check out the product and buy on Smyths Toys

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  1. My daughter is asd and BPD .. she absolutely adores anything she can create herself.. this would be phenomenal for her..

  2. This Globe is so cool. My son loves watching the stars and trying to pick out which on is which. This would be a perfect surprise for Christmas.

  3. I always loved stuff like this when I was growing up (still do). It would be perfect for my Goddaughter who is also finding love for science. She’s currently growing some crystals from a science kit I got her for Christmas.

  4. My twin boys love anything science related, they both have inquisitive minds and these look perfect as Christmas presents for them thank you.

  5. Wow the planetarium looks amazing! My daughter has been learning about space this term and I’ve always been a bit space obsessed!

  6. These look great fun and a good way of introducing science and the world around us to children. I’m sure my daughter Amelia would love this!

  7. My 2 boys would absolutely love this; they are in their element when we camp in dark skies areas & they can lie outside at night watch the stars & constellations. Perfect for them to bring the stars to their bedroom to enjoy


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