Magna-Tiles Stardust Set Review

Magna-Tiles are one of our favourite open ended toys for the kids. They are brilliant for imaginary play, building and exploring. Over the years, we have always had sets of Magna-Tiles and when I am playing with these with my younger child, even the older kids can’t resist getting involved and putting something together. They are just so tempting and fun. Magna-Tiles are very appealing with their translucent colours, but recently we were sent a set of the new Magna-Tiles Stardust to review, and they are even more pretty. Magna-Tiles with added glitter, and even mirror pieces.. they are gorgeous to look at and to play with.

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Dried Pressed Flowers Suncatcher Craft

I’ve always been interested by the idea of pressing flowers, the results look so pretty. I hadn’t tried it until recently though, since using a traditional flower press can be such a long and drawn out process. Recently we were sent a microwave flower press to try out, and this speeds up the drying and pressing process so much, and makes flower pressing much more accessible for children to use in crafting. We used our pressed flowers to make some Springtime sun catchers to liven up our windows and I’m sure we will use it in many more projects to come.

Springtime suncatcher with dried pressed flowers


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Maqio Toys – A Great Place to Find Quality Bargain Toys Online

With the kids spending so much time at home these days, having a variety of toys can make our lives so much easier. This especially applies right now during half term. Recently, I came across the Maqio Toys website and was so impressed with the range of toys available – and even more so with the bargain prices for many of these toys. If you are looking to find your children something new, and want to pick up a good deal then you should definitely have a browse around their site and see what catches your eye. We will have a discount code to share with you at the end of this post, to help you get an even better deal.

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Totem Infernal Power Game Review

Totem Infernal Power is a fun new challenge game from Character Toys, where you have to race to spin and stack all five spinning tops and watch them light up. The game is challenging and addictive, and great for family fun as you race each other to see who can complete the challenge fastest, or who can manage to stack more of the spinning tops.

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What to do with the kids when the weather turns Frozen in lockdown

This 3rd Lockdown is hitting us differently. Without the warm weather of the summer, it can be hard to keep the kids entertained and pass the time. Stocking up on some new indoor activities definitely helps to bring some novelty and entertainment to your days, and with this snowy weather we’ve been having lately Frozen toys and games are an ideal solution to keep my 4 year old daughter occupied. have a brilliant range of Frozen branded toys, and they sent one of the puzzles for us to test out at home.

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Smiggle Christmas

Smiggle have so many fun products for kids. It’s a great place to look, especially if you are needing some stocker filler ideas for your little ones. With a 50 budget we were able to order all of the below on the Smiggle website and these products are already giving my kids hours of fun, and helping to keep them busy especially as we are spending more time at home.

Smiggle products are great for enhancing children’s creativity and artistic side and the products are all very cute so my kids enjoy using these.

Here are a few of our favourite products that we selected from Smiggle.

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Cloudberries Puzzles

Playing with puzzles and games is not just for children. For a few years now, I have been doing 1000 piece puzzles and I find it the most effective and relaxing thing for stress relief. I love it so much. In a world where we are constantly rushing around from one task to another without time to take a minute or be still, I really appreciate how much doing puzzles forces me to slow down and allows me to take time for myself.

Cloudberries are a UK-based company that creates fun, design-led jigsaw puzzles for adults. They allowed me to choose a puzzle from their site to review, and I went for the Patchwork jigsaw puzzle.

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Family Fun with Ricky Zoom

Ricky Zoom is a great family fun show, featuring motorcycle Ricky and his buddies: Loop Hoopla, DJ Rumbler and Scootio Wizzbang. My 3 year old N has enjoyed this show for quite a while now, so she was excited to try out some new Ricky Zoom toys and play with them together with her big brothers.

As a parent I love the personalities of the characters within the show, each one is unique and it’s great to see how they solve problems within each episode, using their own resourcefulness and resilience whilst also knowing there is a supportive community on hand to help if need be. This is such a positive message for children, and something that I’m happy to see my daughter absorbing while she is watching her Ricky Zoom episodes at home with the family.

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