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Cheeky Monsters is a brand-new series of pre-school storybooks and cuddly toys. Each Cheeky Monster has an illustrated storybook telling a story of adventure, fun and mischief, and a soft cuddly toy for kids to bring the stories to life and to create their own Cheeky Monsters tale, unlocking their curiosity and creativity.

This new pre-school character brand was created by children’s brand specialist and former Disney Marketing Director, Anna Breese-Davies. Anna was inspired by her daughter, with her purple glasses, fabulous ginger-coloured hair, and continual curiosity of the world, and is the little girl featured in the Cheeky Monsters storybooks.

There are five different Cheeky Monsters to collect and each new Cheeky Monster has their very own distinct personality, colour, hobbies and horns! With Violet the Superstar, Drago the Super Scientist, Rocky the Road Racer, Spike the Expert Explorer and Glitter the Disco Dancer, all the characters have one thing in common…being Cheeky Monsters!

Each Cheeky Monster has an illustrated story book to go along side the soft toy, to introduce your child to more about each character and bring the Cheeky Monsters to live. This is a great combination to encourage children in reading and enhance their imagination. We tried out the Cheeky Monsters toys and books with our two four-year-old daughters and I selected the which monster to get for each child to perfectly suit their personalities, interests and favourite colours. The amount of variety among the Cheeky Monsters is great so you can easily find just the right one that your child will love.

For N, I chose Drago the Super Scientist. Drago is so cute with the little glasses and she is a great character to encourage girls with science and exploration.

Cheeky Monster Drago is on a special space mission. She has found all the things she needs around the house to build her rocket. Now, in her secret science laboratory, the Cheeky Monster scientists work hard together, and before long it’s time to launch their rocket to the moon! Blast off!

Drago Super Scientist Storybook is available for £6.99 and Drago Soft Cuddly Toy for  £14.99

For B I chose Violet the Super Star. Violet is very sparkly and pretty with her tutu, crown and star wand and encourages children to sing, dance and be confident.

One day, when Cheeky Monster Violet calls round to play, she waves her sparkly wand, and soon has everyone singing and dancing in a spectacular show! It’s time to make lots of noise and sing along to the Cheeky Monster song!

Violet Superstar Storybook is available for £6.99 and Violet Soft Cuddly Toy is available for £14.99

The quality and attention to detail of the Cheeky Monsters toys is great, both in how they are well made and in the personalities and character designs of each Cheeky Monster. The girls loved their characters and the combination of a book and a soft toy makes it brilliant for bed time.

Here’s a look at the inside of the books…


The illustrations are really cute and colourful and the stories are perfect for children around 2-5 years old.

Kids can also take their Cheeky Monsters adventure one step further with creative inspiration, singalongs and story readings on the Cheeky Monsters very own YouTube channeland website.

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