Moon Shoes Review

Do you remember Moon Shoes from your childhood? This fun and active outdoor toy is back, and is now available from Smyths Toys so that you can introduce your kids to the crazy fun of mini trampolines for their feet once they have “graduated” from riding passively in baby strollers.

Moon shoes are something a bit different, and can be used in all kinds of creative ways – if you have a pair each, you can have a moon shoes jumping race, or try skipping with moon shoes on. Jumping forwards, backwards, and defying gravity.

The original Moon Shoes were created in the 1950, and became the Iconic anti-gravity device powered by kids! With Moon Shoes, kids have incredible fun as they jump with anti-gravity effects while developing balance and coordination.

Original 1950s Moon Shoes were made with metal, of course time has moved on and today’s moon shoes are a much more updated version made from quality, high-density plastic, with adjustable VELCRO brand nylon closure straps. Moon Shoes feature a self-centering shoe platform with non-skid grip surface for sure-footed, high-bouncing thrills.

Moon Shoes are a “one size fits all” product, recommended for children aged 7 and over. The straps are adjustable, so you can tighten them up and get a good fit. The Moon Shoes fit up to size 9 (USA), size 8 (UK) men’s shoe – although this may be quite tight. We tried in on R age 9 who is size 2 shoe and this was a good fit, so it works well for this type of size and age group.

The minimum recommended age for safety is 3 years old, but this will depend on foot size and dexterity. I would not use these with my four year old daughter, it is definitely better for age 7 and up to be able to use these safely.

When you first take the Moon Shoes out of the box, you will need to assemble to put together all of the elastic bands. There is an instruction booklet explaining how many bands to put depending on the weight of your child. The assembly can be a bit tricky, but we got there in the end.

Once they are assembled, you’re ready for some gravity defying moon shoes fun! If you remember these from childhood, why not even have a go yourself and challenge the kids.

Moon Shoes are available from Smyths Toys for 29.99

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