Lite Brite Review

Lite Brite is a classic toy with so much fun and creativity. This nostalgic toy is available in the classic large size, and also now in a mini format which makes it easy to take your Lite Brite fun on the go. Both sizes are something that can be enjoyed by all ages, from my 4 year old up to my eleven year old. It is traditional open ended play, and it is so relaxing to take some time out and create a beautiful light up design – whether you follow some of the suggested templates included, or go freestyle with your own ideas.

The classic set includes 214 pieces, and the mini set includes 70 pieces. Both sets have a good variety of colours, and light up really well in the dark, with different light patterns that you can rotate through.

As you can see, the new Lite Brite Mini is a great handheld size. This works for car journeys, or keeping the kids entertained in the restaurant table now that restaurants have re-opened. I have taken this out and about to cafes for my 4 year old N, as it is a great size to fit into her little back pack.

The peg sizes on the mini are smaller than those on the classic Lite Brite, to allow you to still create a detailed design in the smaller space. You can see below – mini pegs on the bottom left, and the classic on the top right.

Both peg sizes are easily manage for ages 4 and upwards, and will be great for fine motor skills as little ones carefully manipulate the small pegs and place them into the holes. N, who is 4 years old, had so much concentration with this toy and was very proud of all her little creations.

The mini and the classic Lite Brite set both include templates which you can copy to create beautiful designs, and these are different in the mini and the classic set. This is one of our favourites from the mini Lite Brite.. an adorable little rainbow aww!

Copying patterns from a template and recreating it on the board is great for brain development, and is not always as easy as it may seem for very young children so this is a great learning opportunity. When they freestyle on the board they are also using their creativity, making decisions and thinking about space and colour so both ways are brilliant play opportunities to help children develop.

Lite Brite and Lite Brite Mini are available from John Lewis

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