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Keeping the kids active and ensuring they spend plenty of time outdoors is so important. Not only does it benefit our physical health, and help to prevent obesity in children but physical outdoor play is also really beneficial for mental health.

We are working with Stay Active as a Stay Active Ambassador alongside Greg Rutherford, to show you some of the brilliant active toys available from Character Options, in their Stay Active range.

This month, we have been staying active with SLINGBALL.

sling ball stay active game

SlingBall is a high-flying game of catch, where you can launch the balls really far. The rules are super simple so kids will pick it up and instantly be able to get going with the game.

To play, use the hook on the side of the racquet and the the rubber loop attached to the ball, to release the ball and launch through the air so your friends can catch it with their racquets.

playing sling ball in the garden

This encourages active play with lots of running around, and helps to develop improved hand-to-eye coordination, too.

The set includes 2 Sling Ball racquets and 2 Sling Balls making it suitable for multi-person play, but kids can also play alone by launching their own ball and running to catch it.

These days, most parents are facing the battle of reducing screen time and making sure our kids get a good balance of active and outdoor activities and products like this Slingball game from Stay Active are a great tool to help out with that.

Our older and younger kids all enjoyed playing slingball, from age 5-13, and us grown ups too, so it really is a great one for the whole family. The dog also loved getting involved with all the chasing!

When playing sling ball, the ball can be launched up to 18 metres! This is great if you have a nice wide open space to play, in the park or even at the beach on a summer day.

sling ball game

On a rainy day, you can play indoors as well as out, so it’s a very versatile toy to have to hand, and something that’s fun for all ages. I love finding this type of toy where I can enjoy the activity as well as the kids because it’s something that’s fun, easy and makes it so easy to enjoy family quality time together.

Because it is lightweight & portable, it’s also ideal to bring along for family holidays.

Slingball is OUT NOW at Smyths Toys, Amazon and other toy stores and supermarkets and is a brilliant active toy for summer.

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