B-Kind Dolls Review and Eco Friendly Activities

B-Kind eco dolls from Simba are a new line of fashion dolls for kids with sustainability at their core. These dolls come with a clear eco-friendly ethos, from the dolls themselves (made from recycled materials) to their outfits, accessories and even the packing.

There are five different dolls in the B-Kind range – Ivy, Brianna, Koral, Daisy and Nora.

all five B-Kind dolls

Each one has a unique look with modern and on trend eco-fashions, along with their own sustainable fashion accessories.

We were sent the B-Kind Koral doll and my 5 year old daughter N loves her.

B-Kind doll Koral

Koral is so cool. We absolutely love her save the ocean t-shirt, and her soft pillow pet friend turtle. The blue and purple colours in her outfits and accessories have a calming ocean aesthetic, and She looks great! We also love the hair style, Koral is rocking the two-strand twists and she also has a purple head band that kids can take on and off.

It’s really positive that the B-Kind range has a good level of diversity, not only in the dolls outfits but in the dolls themselves, in terms of skin colour, hair colour and overall looks. The days of only providing blonde haired blue eyes dolls are gone, and it’s always good to see more representation. We also really like the look of Daisy and her gorgeous red hair.

The message with B-Kind dolls focuses on the importance of being kind to the environment and also to each other. These are key values that I’m sure we all want to install in our children, to make the world a better place for everyone as they grow up.

B-kind dolls range

Sustainable Accessories

Each of the B-Kind dolls comes with her own sustainable accessories. Koral comes with some little reusable bags that children can put together and customise, which is so cute!

This is also a really fun way for the kids to decorate, and to make it their own. The box comes with all kinds of little accessories, including some extra fabric and a stencil to make your own extra reusable bags for Koral.

sustainable fashion accessories with b-kind dolls

The included fabric stickers are great for easy customisation, even for children at the younger end of the age range. N really enjoyed decorating with these, and then you can store some of the little accessories like Koral’s earrings inside the bags.

She also has a little hair brush.

b-kind dolls recycled dolls with sustainable fashion accessories

The Packaging

A lot of thought has gone into the B-Kind dolls packaging. So before you take your doll out and throw it away, take a minute to look closer because there are all kinds of craft ideas and fun activities that can be made with the packaging!

B-Kind doll Koral

There are so many little details, for example the fabric handle can be upcyled into a bracelet or hair tie

re-use ribbon as a hair tie or bracelet, repurposing packaging of b-kind dolls
Re-use ribbon as a hair tie or bracelet!

Every B-Kind doll also has some details on the side about their personality and birthday, along with a couple of eco friendly recycled craft ideas to try out.

eco friendly recycling activities on the b-kind dolls packaging cardboard box

We decided to go with Koral’s suggestion of making a pencil pot out of a recycled glass jar. We decorated ours in blue and green, just like the colours of the earth and the ocean!

recycled jar pencil pot craft and b kind doll

There are also all kind of bits you can cut out from the box, to make your own kindness board – a dedicated personal space for a child to display and share kindness goals through drawings, photos, mission statements, and more. Koral’s own motto is “keep the sea plastic free.”

It is really refreshing to see this toy packaging made from cardboard, without the usual amounts of plastic. I’m sure this is a direction that more manufacturers will start to move towards – as this product shows, it can be done, and we wouldn’t miss all of that plastic packaging at all!

Where to find B-Kind Dolls?

The range of B-Kind Dolls is available at Smyths Toys in the UK, and each doll is priced at £29.99 each.

B-Kind doll Koral packaging

Eco-Friendly Activities to Enjoy with the Kids

If the B-Kind dolls have inspired the kids to get involved in some more eco-friendly crafts, think more about sustainability or recycling, then have a look at some of these activities to enjoy together.

Make your own eco bead jewellery from recycled art work

Have a go at crafting with sticks

Set up some Earth Day themed sensory play

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