Zalurina Printable Children’s Treasure Hunt and Birthday Party Games

Printable games and activities are a great way to keep the kids busy and entertained. We love to make and share printables here on In The Playroom, but recently we tried out a new treasure hunt from Zalurina – the story of Linus the Magician.

Zalurina have a range of printable games and treasure hunts, with fun topics like princesses and magicians. The games are labelled by age so you can easily find one that’s going to be most suitable for your child.

The Zalurina printable treasure hunt games have a storyline that follow through all of the activities, so they are perfect for party games at themed birthday parties.

Zalurina Linus the Magician Treasure Hunt Game

In this game, which is suitable for ages 4-5 years old, children follow through the activities in order to find ingredients needed for the potion in the story.

Alurina’s Grand magic contest is approaching and a villain has stolen the wizard Linus’ magic powers so he is on the hunt for ingredients for a potion to restore his powers!

When setting up the game, as well as the activities for the children to complete, you also get planning sheets to help and some ideas for optional extra challenges that will make the game more fun especially for children’s parties.

There is a planning sheet that recommends which challenge games to use, and at which point to use each one.

The activities included in Linus the Magician are definitely suitable for ages 4-5 as recommended. My 5 year old daughter N had fun completing these and tracking down each of the potion ingredients.

Some of the simple activities include matching the same shadow shapes, solving mazes, and working out the pattern for flower petals.

All of these fun puzzles are achievable and fun for little minds, and give the kids a sense of accomplishment as they complete each one.

If you’re using these activities for a birthday party, the children can work together to solve the problems, or take turns with who will complete each one – maybe with extra prizes!

There are also treasure hunts and games suitable for older children, so whatever the age you can find some games for the birthday party!

You can also get treasure hunts in other languages, so wherever you are based Zalurina is a great option!

zalurina printable kids treasure hunts and birthday party games

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