Playmobil Water Park with Slides Review

The Playmobil Water Park with Slides is part of the Playmobil Family Fun range. This set is ideal for summer time as you can fill the pool with real water for water play, and it gets everyone in the mood for summer holiday fun.

playmobil water park with slides

This set has lots of little details to make it bright, colourful and instantly appealing to children. My 5 year old daughter loves this set and has been having so much fun with it.

The playmobil waterpark does not take too long to put together and the instructions were very clear. N helped her dad to put it all together. Once assembled it is pretty sturdy and has stayed together well.

building playmobil water park with slides

The set is cleverly designed with two different slides, including a vertical drop which is activated by closing the pink fish’s mouth at the top of the platform – only for the most daring of playmobil figures!

playmobil water park with slides details

We also really liked the details of the different types of ladders and nets for the playmobil people to use to climb up to the top of the water park.

playmobil water park with slides ladder

Playmobil figures and pieces are fine to get wet, so add real water to the pool and let them make a real splash as they come down the slide!

This is one of the great things about playmobil, so you could take this whole set in the bath or in the paddling pool if you want to and it will be fine.

playmobil figure in water

In this set you get two playmobil figures, a mum and a little boy. You can add your own figures from other sets too, which N did as she wanted even mote people at the pool.

Playmobil sets are great for mix and matching like this, but if you get just this one set you absolutely have enough to play with and wouldn’t need extras to enjoy it.

playmobil diving board

We also liked the little diving board seen above. There is so much detail with this set, to make it lots of fun playing, using imagination and making up stories.

N loves this type of play and it kept her busy for ages. This type of toy is brilliant to sit outside in the shade on a hot day, and relax.

playmobil water park with slides

As you can see this is a great size set, small enough that you can pick it all up and move it easily room to room or indoor to outdoor but big enough with plenty of different parts to play with.

playmobil water park with slides

Overall the Playmobil waterpark with slides is brilliant fun. We definitely recommend this set, and I will be sure to check out more in the playmobil family fun range as they so much fun!

This set is available to buy on Amazon and in good quality toy shops in store. RRP 54.99 – Currently slightly discounted on Amazon so check it out.

playmobil water park with slides and 5 year old girl

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