Unique Eyes Dolls Review

Unique Eyes are a gorgeous new range of fashion dolls for kids, with unique magical eyes that really stand out. There are three different dolls in the range – Amy, Rebecca and Sophia – and N (age 5) was sent the Amy Total Look Unique Eyes doll to review.

All of the dolls in the range have big stunningly beautiful eyes, each one in a different color.

Amy’s are green, which is my favourite since I have green eyes myself. Rebecca has brown and Sophia has blue, so all of the most common eye colours are covered and your child could pick the doll with their own matching eye colour.

The three dolls all also have long soft brushable hair which is perfect for children to brush, comb and style. We love Amy’s curls at the front of her hair!

Unique eyes doll Amy standing up total look outfit

The Unique Eyes dolls have realistic body shapes, and are stable enough to easily stand up by themselves, as well as having articulated limbs so they can also sit and move their arms and legs as you would expect.

unique eyes doll sitting

The Total Look dolls come with an additional outfit so children can swap her clothes and mix and match the outfits, which N loves to do. All of the outfits are cool and modern, inspired by current fashion trends.

I really liked how two totally different looks are include, one more party and one more casual, and you even get different shoes for the second outfit so Amy can wear either her black boots, or trendy red and gold shoes and the shoes are easy enough for N to put on and off without frustration.

Unique eyes doll total look Amy

The dolls are 25cm tall fashion dolls which is a good size for children to handle and is ideal for children around N’s age.

The quality of the dolls and the clothes are all great and N was really excited to play with her Unique Eyes Amy doll, and carry her around with her all day.

unique eyes dolls packaging

The three Unique Eyes dolls – Amy, Sophia and Rebecca – are the best of friends. They love fashion, play sports and have many interests and passions. Each character has her own special talent, and thanks to their unique way of looking at the world, with enthusiasm and sweetness, they are able to improve themselves every day and they’re always learning new things!

The Unique Eyes Dolls are available now from Amazon (also in store at B&M and The Entertainer)

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