SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom Review and Giveaway

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Do your kids love SuperThings? Then you are in luck, as today we have a fun SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom giveaway where your kids can win two of the brand new SuperThings robot toys!

We will also show you the new range of SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom toys and blind bags, which were a huge hit with N. These collectable blind bag toys are a lot of fun to open and to play with afterwards.

super things guardians of kazoom toys

SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom New Series

SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom is available to watch on Youtube, on the Magic Box channel which is the official home of SuperThings guardians of Kazoom.

What is the SuperThings YouTube show about?

SuperThings are everyday objects transformed into superheroes and supervillains, and each character has a rival. They live in Kaboom City in teams captained by silver-effect SuperThings.

There are also two super leaders, a hero and a villain, with a gold effect and the ultra-rare SuperThing, very hard to find!

With each series, there are over 80 new SuperThings to collect: 40 different characters in 2 colours each, along with six silver team captains, two gold, and the ultra-rare. Like good heroes and villains, the SuperThings have lairs, vehicles and other accessories that help them live a thousand adventures in Kaboom City.

With each new series, new elements enrich their universe. Likewise, Kaboom City is expanding thanks to the appearance of new scenarios such as the police station, Professor K’s laboratory … And the different missions: Bakery Blast, Bank Assault, Pizza Riders … The adventure has no end!

In SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom, two Kazoom powers have connected to create an even more powerful Kazoom Blast with both the red and blue Kazoom powers!

super things guardians of kazoom comic

SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom Collectable Toys

There is a range of SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom toys to collect, from blind bags with one pack or multiple bags, larger packs with collectable KazoomJets, and also a starter pack which is a great choice if you are new to SuperThings collectables.

super things rivals of kaboom guardians of kazoom starter pack collectables

The starter pack comes with a comic as well as a metal kazoom jet, 2 SuperThings and one Crystal SuperThings character.

The KazoomJets are different vehicles, which also come with one SuperThings character and there are multiple of these to collect.

super things superjet toys

The comic is really handy for checking off which of the characters you have collected and tracking which ones you still need, and also for checking out which characters are rivals, if you are not sure. It also has stories and background to read inside which is really good if you are new to this range, like we are but N really enjoyed these and enjoyed finding out more about all of the characters, as well as playing with the toys.

collectables super things guardians of kazoom

Among the SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom characters, there are different teams to collect, and different rarities which makes the collecting aspect really fun to see if you can complete a whole team, or open a blind bag which contains something special like an Ultra Rare.

There is a good variety of characters and I was impressed we didn’t end up with any dupes at all so far. We also got a good amount of special characters like the crystal ones and metallic ones.

Some of the SuperThings characters are heroes and some are villains and we also got a good split between both of these.

super things guardians of kazoom blind bag toys

It’s also great to know that all the SuperThings packaging is now made from paper/cardboard to be better for the environment!

super things guardians of kazoom collectable toys

Visit the SuperThings website to find out more about the videos and toys.

super things guardians of kaboom

The new series of toys is OUT NOW and can be purchased from supermarkets and The Entertainer

super things rivals of kaboom


Enter via the Gleam widget below for your chance to be the lucky winner of TWO of the brand new coming soon SuperThings Superbots toys.

The Superbots: Kazoom Blast and Fury Storm each comes with an exclusive Kazoom Kid Character and an exclusive SuperThing!

You can enter as many of the options in the Gleam widget below as you would like. The more giveaway options you complete, the more chances to win that you will have! Good luck everyone!

SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom

Terms and Conditions

1. One winner will be picked – UK residents only
2. CLOSING DATE – 20th Feb
3. The prize will be sent within 30 days of the closing date, directly by the PR company
4. No alternative prize will be offered

Good luck! Which one is your child’s favourite SuperThings character?

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  1. My twin grandsons would have great fun with these, they are so bright and colourful, and one of the Superbots has a letter K on his chest so Kit will be pleased about that, River not so much!

  2. Not going to lie… I saw these and thought how cool, I reckon these would help with stopping with monsters under the bed and they look fun too.

  3. The boys would love these, we are just entering into the world of SuperThings!! Great news about the packaging too.

  4. My older 2 are in to all things Marvel, these are of a similar sort so would be something sort of familiar that they could use to play with their younger brother who has special needs


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