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Under the Sea is always a fun theme for my kids. They go to a school that uses under the sea as it’s class themes, and they are fans of Finding Nemo so they always enjoy this topic. We’ve been trying out Toucan Box which is a fun craft subscription box for children aged 3-8 years and each box comes with a theme. We tried out the oceans and seas theme which comes with 4 underwater themed crafts and a book : Titch the Tiddler.

I’ll show you a couple of the arts and crafts activities that the boys enjoyed, starting with these coral reef under the sea pictures.

Easy under the sea pictures for toddlers to make Mr R (3) made these coral reef under the sea pictures and he really enjoyed the activity and felt proud of his work. The activity involves printing the fish with orange paint (cut the sponge yourself to make the fish shape however you like)

printing fish toucan box activity


Then sticking down lots of materials to make the underwater coral reef environment. The Toucan Box gives you all the bits and pieces you need, from sand paper to make the sandy ocean bed, to ribbon and tissue to make the plants, and sparkly foam stickers with an ocean theme.

making under the sea picture with toucan boxThere’s plenty of cutting practise to make the plants, along with the chance to get creative and to talk and learn about the animals under the sea. Although we do lots of crafts at home anyway, I really liked the themed aspect of the Toucan box to encourage focusing on a topic which you could use to give more structure to your home learning. And having all the supplies delivered in one handy box is really convenient, and exciting for the kids too!

IMG_2090This craft makes a lovely textured picture with plenty to point out and talk about. We don’t normally have sand paper around, but that made a great addition to this picture and was something I hadn’t thought about buying before.

simple fish textured picture If you would like to try Toucan Box, look out for some great offers coming up this month in our Advent giveaways event. We will be giving the chance for one reader to win a Super Toucan Box with 4 craft activities included, and there is a mini Toucan Box with 1 craft activity free for every reader!

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