Sensory Play with Water Beads and Robo Fish

We love sensory play, and water play is definitely one of the boys’ favourites. I’m always interested in ways to add variety and keep things exciting, so the new Pirate Robo Fish was a great addition to our water play supplies.

Sensory play with water beads and fish (using robo fish)
I set up a tub for the boys with plenty of water, some coloured water beads and then asked them to add the fish. We have had Robo Fish before and the new pirate design robo fish works in much the same way. As the fish touches the water it activates and starts swimming around inside the tub.

Waterbeads and fish sensory play water play activity for kids
I just used a plastic container from Ikea, you can also buy a fish bowl for robo fish, which we do have (you can read our previous robo fish and fish bowl review here, including video) but this plastic container is bigger so it allowed more space to include extras like the water beads. You will want to use a clear container so that the fish can be seen from all sides not just the top.

The boys enjoyed dipping their hands in with the fish, and trying to catch it. As long as they are fairly gentle it’s fine to grab the fish while he’s swimming around.
Catch a fish! fun water play gameAs you can see, catching the pirate robo fish was very exciting for Mr R! (3 years old)  and this activity kept him busy for quite a while. All of the boys (3, 4 and 6) enjoy playing with the fish and by using a large tub there was plenty of space for them to all play together. You can add more fish together for even more fun, and then race each other to catch the fish.

fish3The Robofish pirate comes with a stand so that you can keep it safe whilst not in use, and also comes supplied with extra batteries which is a nice touch. The batteries should last quite a while as we noticed with our other robofish – just make sure to remove the fish from the water after playing so as not to waste them.

fish4Robofish is a fun addition to our water play activities and the pirate design really appeals to my boys. You can also use robofish in the bath. Adding water beads just adds a touch of colour to the fishes environment, and also gives more sensory input to the kids as they put their hands in and play with the water.

All of the supplies for this activity can be purchased from Amazon (aff):

Have you tried adding robo fish to your water play? What do you think of them?

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