Jellyfish Craft

This Jellyfish craft is another fun craft that we tried from our recent Under the Sea themed Toucan Box. Mr T (4) did this craft, since he’s in Jellyfish class at school so he is quite keen on Jellyfishes. It’s a simple mess free craft that includes plenty of fine motor practice.

fine motor jellyfish craft - great for under the sea themes

To make this cute jellyfish craft, Mr T first decorated the jelly fish templates by peeling the spotty stickers off from the sheet and sticking them all over each jellyfish. The templates are semi circles with 4 holes punched into each one, and all come ready provided with the Toucan Box.

adding stickers for jellyfish craftAfter decorating each of the jellyfish (you can also add googly eyes – these were provided but Mr T didn’t add them) we got to work on adding the jellyfish tentacles using ribbon.

Using each of the holes in the front of your jellyfish template, your child can thread the ribbon through and cut to the size they prefer. Mr T loved cutting them so ours ended up quite short as he kept cutting them a little bit more!

The threading, cutting and peeling of stickers are all great fine motor activities to strengthen their little muscles in the fingers and hands to help with developing better pencil control and handwriting as they grow.

As well as threading ribbon through the holes in the Jellyfish (we secured some by tying a knot, and some by taping – you can experiment with whatever is better), the kit also includes straws for your child to cut and stick on the back of the jellyfish to thread extra ribbon. You can then use this to hang up the jellyfish, and decorate the end of the ribbon tentacles with beads too.

IMG_2116Since this craft is very low on mess, and just involves lots of cutting and threading, as well as stickers, it’s a great one to get out for the kids to keep themselves busy while you are cooking dinner or if you don’t have a long time available for clean up afterwards. The Toucan Box gives a card with each activity that shows you at a glance which ones are the messy or mess free ones and how much adult help would be needed. Mr T did need some help with the threading here but with support he was able to thread the ribbons and enjoyed the sense of achievement. Slightly older children would manage that by themselves.

We also enjoyed making these Under the Sea Pictures from the same Oceans and Seas themed Toucan Box.

Look out for a giveaway tomorrow for your chance to win a super Toucan box which includes 4 themed crafts like this, along with a book.

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