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Today we have some fun and free sight word worksheets for children to color. These free printable sight word coloring pages have eight focus words, which are some of the most common words for young readers to work on.

Children color each part of the coloring picture by number, to reveal each focus word in bright and bold colors. The finished pictures can be displayed in your literacy centers to help build familiarity with these words.

List of Sight Words Included in these Coloring Pages

The words included in this free printable sight word coloring pack are some of the first sight words (also known as “tricky words” in the UK) that kids are typically asked to learn.

Free printable sight word coloring pages. 8 Color by number sheets with common high-frequency words for young readers

My daughter is 5 years old in Reception class, and these are the first words that were on her list to learn. Each of these words is a high-frequency word, and also can be hard to “sound out” for early readers using phonics skills alone so when kids are familiar with these words and can read them quickly and fluently, it really helps to strength their overall reading and build up confidence.

High-Frequency Sight Word List 1

  • the
  • of
  • and
  • a
  • is
  • you
  • in
  • to

Sight Word Coloring Sheets

Each page of this free kid’s coloring book for sight words supports child’s fine motor skills development, hand-eye coordination and helps to build on the skill of patience.

The end result gives you fun pictures with lots of bright colors, so grab your favourite crayons and markers for some learning fun.

Normally with color by number pages, the kids color and reveal hidden pictures but this time they will discover some of their primer sight words!

Sight Word ‘The’ Coloring Page

Each page comes with a color key at the top. Kids can practice reading the color names, and see if they can recognise the color words written on each crayon as well as the chance to practice sight words.

sight word the coloring

Sight Word ‘Of’ Coloring Page

sight word of coloring printable

Sight Word ‘And’ Coloring Page

sight word and tricky word coloring

Sight Word ‘a’ Coloring Page

sight word a color by number

Sight Word ‘is’ Coloring Page

sight word is tricky words dolch primer sight words

Sight Word ‘you’ Coloring Page

you sight word coloring page for kindergarten

Sight Word ‘to’ Coloring Page

sight words colouring

Sight Word ‘in’ Coloring Page

tricky word list coloring pages

Ideas for Sight Words Fun

This coloring sight words activity is an easy way to give young children a head start in getting familiar with some of the words they are going to most commonly see as they start moving forwards with reading.

A fun bonus activity is to make sentences using these high-frequency words. You can make the sentences as silly as you like!

Build the words using letter magnets

Trace the words in a sensory writing tray, such as in sand or rice.

Use a big paint brush and water to trace these sight words on the ground. You can write them in chalk for children to trace over, if needed.

sight word coloring pages with color by number


Click the download button below for your free instant digital download of all eight of these sight words coloring pages in one convenient PDF file, so you can work on this set of high frequency words or tricky words in a hands on and fun way with your kids.

Terms of use: These free printable sight word pages are available free for personal use and free for classroom use.

More Sight Word Activities and Early Literacy Activities

Here are a few more fun and free activities that you can print or play together to help your child on their way to reading fluency.

More Free Printable Color by Number

We have free printable packs of color by number pages for all kinds of seasons and festivals throughout the year, as well as these educational sight word themed coloring pages. Check out some of the fun themes you can print for your child.

We have so many free printables here on In The Playroom so take a minute to have a browse around, or subscribe. We will keep adding more sight word games and sight word resources.


We hope you enjoyed these free sight word coloring pages.

Please go ahead and share these free printable activities with friends and family, so other parents and teachers can make use of these free resources with their children.

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free printable sight word coloring pages color by number

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