Valentine CVC Word Busy Bag

Valentine CVC Word Busy Bag: Contributor Emma of Adventures of Adam

My son is at the early stages of being able to make three letter words. We have been practising consonant vowel consonant words (abbreviated to CVC words) and he enjoys seeing how many made up and real words he can create. When I discovered heart shaped glass nuggets I knew they would be perfect to create a Valentine CVC word busy bag.

Valentines busy bag using heart shaped glass nuggets to create CVC words, learning to blend sounds and make words, basic reading and spelling.

How to make the CVC words busy bag

I took a black permanent marker pen and wrote the lowercase letters of the alphabet on each heart shaped glass nugget. I also made additional hearts for the five vowels as well as s, t, p and n.

Using a black sharpie to write letters to create alphabet heart nuggets

I found a wonderful heart shaped tin to store our glass nuggets in. I used the heart lid to draw around on pink craft foam and cut this out to form a board to create our CVC words on. This craft foam heart also created a perfect base in the busy bag and muted the noise the glass nuggets made when they are stored in the heart shaped tin.

Phoneme heart frame for cvc words busy bag

On the craft foam heart I placed three heart stickers across the middle. These are used as markers to indicate where to place the three glass nuggets. I then placed the glass nuggets on the table. You may wish to restrict the amount of letters available to begin with.

CVC hearts, learning to spell simple words

I placed the letter ‘a’ on the middle heart sticker and asked my son if he could create the word ‘cat’. We talked about what letters he would need to create ‘cat’ and repeatedly said the letters until he had found each one. Once the CVC word had been made he removed the glass nugget and tried a different CVC word.

Three letter word busy bag

Our Valentine CVC Word Busy Bag can easily be adapted for an older child. On the back of the pink craft foam heart I have placed four heart shaped stickers. These are in preparation for when my son is ready to create CVCC (consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant) words. Our Valentine CVC Word Busy Bag will be used for years to come.

CVC heart busy bag

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CVC words busy bag

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