Halloween Sight Words Board Game Free Printable

The days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing colors. It must be approaching Halloween time! Celebrate this spooky holiday by reading some of these Halloween sight words with your kids.

Here is a free printable that you can use to make your own Halloween Sight words reading game.

Download the free PDF file at the end of this blog post

Printable Halloween Sight Words Game Board

This printable Halloween game board includes some of the most common “tricky words” aka sight words as well as introducing new sight words that are often used during the Halloween season

The Halloween Sight Word Board Game is a great way to get your kids excited about reading. Plus, it will keep them busy and engaged for hours!

The words included on this board are as follows:

  • She
  • Black
  • Pretty
  • Are
  • Our
  • Who
  • Please
  • Must
  • White
  • Went
  • Yes
  • Have
  • This
  • He
  • Saw
  • What
  • With

Playing with Sight Words

Sight words (also known as tricky words in the UK) are the most frequent words in a language. Some of these are not easily phonetically de-codeable so it is important for them to be able to recognise the sight words without needing to sound them out.

As these words are so frequent in texts, it helps children get a head start with their reading skills if they are able to learn some of these and recognise them on sight. Learning sight words can help with fluency, reading comprehension, and even spelling.

In order for children to learn sight words, they need lots of practice recognising and saying them. However, sometimes this can get tedious for both parents and children.
Create a game around your child’s sight word list! There are many ways to play with sight words. You can play a matching game with them, make sight word sentences, or even create a crossword puzzle.

If you want to keep the kids entertained this Halloween, try playing this fun sight word board game that everyone will love!

All you need is the printable board (download free below at the end of this blog post) and some tokens or playing pieces. You can quickly put together our DIY game spinner or grab dice from around the house and get playing straight away.

How to play the Sight Words Board Game

To play the game, the first player will spin the spinner or roll the dice.

Move the playing counter that number of spaces along the board, to see which word the player lands on. When landing on a word, your child needs to try to read this word out loud. If they read it correctly they will win a point for that round.

Next, play passes to the next player who will do the same.

How many words can you read correctly during the game?

To add another layer of difficulty and learning, you can incorporate the sight words recording sheet, included further in this blog post.

DIY Board Game Spinner

To play the game and find out how many spaces each person needs to move on their turn, print out and put together this simple spinner. Alternatively you can play using dice.

How to make the board game spinner:

You will need to cut the round shape for the spinner, and cut the arrow out separately. It works best if you glue these on to thin cardboard.

Use a brass split pin or butterfly pin to attach the arrow on to the middle of the spinner, and you’re ready to play.

printable DIY spinner for board game

Sight Words Recording Sheet

As an optional extra when landing on a word, the children can write it down on the sight words recording sheet.

This helps fix the words into their mind as writing is a very active process, engaging the muscles and the brain.

As we talked about earlier, these “sight words” are very frequent. These are words that they will encounter over and over again, so it’s important for them to learn these words – recording them on the sheet helps to support this goal.

sight words recording sheet

We hope you enjoy this Halloween printable freebie!

Download the Free PDF File for your Halloween Sight Words Board Game below

More Halloween Activities for Kids

You love Halloween, but you don’t want your kids to have a sugar overload. You want them to be able to enjoy the fun and games of Halloween without the sugar intake.

Here are some great craft ideas for a spooktacular Halloween with the children.

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More Sight Words & Tricky Words Activities

To focus more on this learning area, why not try some of these simples games and activities which can be used for sight words, or simple CVC words

It can so easy to help your children practice these words at home in a fun and enjoyable way.

Hidden words magic pens activity

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Roll and read sight words

Please feel free to share this activity with your friends. Don’t forget to pin on Pinterest for later!

Halloween sight words board game free printable

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