The Best Digital Software to Create Mood Boards

Mood boards are not simple boards or your typical whiteboards. With a mood board, you can create your design, patterns, and put together a whole concept on your canvas.

A Mood board is also known as the inspirational board. This is not only for brainstorming ideas – Mood boards are the best option if you are wondering how to present a massive stack of content.

You can create and display your thoughts with a mood board, using it as a collage tool to show your creativity.

Mood boards are used by everyone that is related to this field many people think it was just used by designers and content creators. These are important to your designs strategy. Mood boards offer a great deal for interior designers. But if you think why you need a motherboard then I will tell you some reasons;

Why are mood boards important for an Interior Design Client?

An interior designer is used the moss board to show the different design ad elements to the client. Various aspect includes style, mood, texture, accessories, etc. With the concept of a mood board, the journey begins with a complete draft of interior design.

Best Software to create a mood board for interior design

Mood board creation is especially important for the interior designer. Professional and interior designers used various software to create a layout of mood boards, and here are a few of our favourites.

Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo is the solution to all your need for interior design it provides you with the best tools. You can create a plan, design in it in minutes and create mood boards.

Its web interface is the best part for the interior design it gives all the tools that require for an interior designer. If you wish you can also install software for your ease.

It is a powerful tool that gives us 4K quality, and is the best option for professionals to make a good layout for the client.

The interface of Foyr Neo is user-friendly with tools that are easy to use while designing.

Autodesk AutoCAD LT

Autodesk AutoCAD is one of the best software options especially for interior design, engineers, and professionals.

In this program, interior designers can design the drawing and 2D drawing. In these many tools are present in which you can edit and create the design many tools are present which help you a lot.

The interface of Autodesk LTE is very easy, when you using you do not require any installation to your browser.

The AutoCAD software is compatible with major operating systems like Mac and Windows. You can also work on this software to make drawings by using your smartphone through the app even you are offline.


By using Inferno, professionals can create designs and at the same time also meet with other professionals in this cloud-based software.

Inferno is more about building information and CAD. In many functionalities, Inferno is similar to Revit software.

However, for houses and apartments, the scope of the software is limited to interior design. Using Inferno may be the right option for you if you are looking for software for the residential interior.


By using HomeByMe software you can create a great design, it is freemium interior design software in which you design, create and render the design.

In HomeByMe software there are many functionalities are present in the free version also, the only requirement is this high-quality rendering.

The simple UI is in this software, but when you design then you require more area about to use tools and make 2D and 3D drawings.

By using this mood board you have complete control over your design if you have a minor mistake on your design. By using its tool you can create a good design as this tool has many functionalities.

Interior design tips to create a moodboard

For interior design, here are a few tips and concepts to consider when you go to create mood boards.

  • Form a Brand personality
  • Relate to topics
  • Parallel concepts
  • Mood boards period base
  • Approach Limitless
  • Going corporate
  • Core element
  • Material design
  • Explain Mood boards
  • Design drawing Inspirations
  • With images communicate ideas
  • Style Template consistency
  • Product At the Center
  • Theme based design

A mood board does not need to follow any rules, making it a fun open-ended tool for designers. You can experiment and create a truly unique idea!

If you prefer to create a vision board on paper, check out our free printable kid’s version.

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