10 Most Useful Travel Accessories for Kids

Travelling with kids is rewarding and exciting, to see their little faces experiencing something new for the first time. There’s no doubt that these are some of the most memorable moments for parents and children, but getting to your destination can sometimes be a little more stressful.

Taking inspiration from the Products available at Over The Rainbow Books, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 most useful children’s travel products to help you with your trips this summer.

These travel accessories will come in handy whether you are going on a road trip, or flying by plane. Either way, you need to keep the kids entrained and comfortable and stocking up on the right items before hand can be a game changer.

Travel Pillow

Keeping the kids comfortable gives them a much better chance of sleeping, whether on the plane or in the car a travel neck pillow can really help.

With long journeys, I’m always hoping my kids will get some sleep in because no-one wants over tired and grumpy children on the other end of the journey, and a nap can really help with that.

Over the Rainbow Books have a really nice selection of travel pillows with all of your little ones favourite character from Paw Patrol to Peppa Pig.

Sun screens

Again, this can really help with comfort. On a very sunny day, if the sun rays are hitting at a weird angle then the sun will be in your child’s eyes meaning they can’t even concentrate on all of the activities you carefully packed for them!

So, make sure you have some of these mesh sunscreens available in your car for when you need it. They suction easily onto the windows and solve this annoying problem.

Sticker Books

Sticker books are a favourite with my 5 year old daughter. I always take these on my travels!

Any kind of sticker books will keep kids busy, so you can include educational ones, ones with their favourite characters, or even re-useable sticker books that you can use over and over on your travels for the whole summer.

Books to Read

Bringing books to read is another great idea to keep little minds and hands occupied. Young toddlers can enjoy looking at the colourful pages, while older kids may get gripped into chapters of their favourite story so this idea works well for kids of all ages.

We loved these Little Readers books from Over the Rainbow books, as it’s a great size to bring on your travels.

Colouring Books

You can’t go wrong with colouring. If you have a long plane journey, then this could keep the kids occupied for quite a while – meaning you don’t have to keep hearing the usual question of “are we there yet?”

We liked these mindful poster art dragon tales for older kids, as they have detailed pictures to colour and the Million Mermaids colouring book also has so many cute pictures.


Always bring a few snacks! Every parent knows this.

Get prepared with a few of their favourites to stave of grumpy moods due to being hungry, and you won’t regret it.

Printable Road Trip Games

We have a wide selection of free printable travel games here on In The Playroom, so print some out and add them to your travel kit to give you a few minutes more peace and quiet!

Paper Bag to Collect Your Rubbish

If you are travelling by car, there’s a good chance you’re going to start building up rubbish on your journey from snack wrappers to finished colouring pages.

Help the car stay nice and tidy by remembering to bring a bag to gather all the rubbish into one place. You can use a paper bag, or if you have a long journey and multiple kids you may want to go with a full sized black bin liner.

Prepare Your Playlist

If you’re driving in the car, then a well prepared playlist can make the trip fun for the whole family.

I have put together a playlist with my daughter’s favourite songs from Disney Frozen to My Little Pony songs and the journey goes so smoothly as she is busy and happily singing.

If you’re travelling by plane you can also prepare a playlist and headphones for your child.

Check out our best kids party songs playlist if you want some ideas of good clean songs for kids.


We may not want to resort to the iPad straight away, but if you have a long journey then in moderation this can definitely be a useful tool too!

We hope you found this list helpful. Check out the products over at Overtherainbowbooks.co.uk to stock up for your next family travels!

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