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As I mentioned when I shared the prayer mat colouring in pages, I will be sharing a free printable Ramadan colouring book available for all of you to print out for your children.

Today I’m sharing a few more Ramadan coloring pages from this colouring book. I hope you like them!

muslim boy at ramadan with dates

Printing out some simple Ramadan themed activities and crafts is a great way to help get the kids involved and excited during the beautiful month of Ramadan.

We also have a 30 days of Ramadan good deeds printable which you can find at the bottom of this post, which is a great option to use if you have made a Ramadan calendar for your family.

Kids of all ages will love to get involved in these simple Ramadan activities, to feel the excitement and Ramadan spirit and to keep busy to keep the hunger away til Iftar time!

Make sure you’ve stocked up  on printer ink and printer paper before you start any printing – you don’t want to run out halfway through!

ramadan colouring pages featuring muslim children, muslim family and mosque colouring pages. Free printables

Ramadan Coloring Pages for Kids

These pages print out on A4 paper, get stocked up ready for the month of Ramadan.

The pages included are a

  • Muslim boy colouring page
  • Muslim girl colouring page
  • Muslim family colouring page
  • Masjid or mosque colouring page.

Updated for 2022 with 5 new coloring pages:

  • Ramadan Mubarak lanterns and crescent coloring page
  • I love Ramadan kids at the mosque coloring page
  • Ramadan Kareem lantern and moon coloring page
  • Iftar time dates coloring page
  • Tasbeeh coloring page saying dhikr

Download all of these Islamic coloring pages in PDF format at the end of this blog post.

Muslim boy colouring page

Color this little Muslim boy picture, getting ready for the month of Ramadan

muslim boy ramadan colouring page printable

Muslim Girl Colouring Page

Color this little cartoon Muslim girl picture with hijab ready to go to the mosque.

muslim girl ramadan colouring page

Muslim Family Colouring Page

Color the entire Muslim family, on their way to the masjid for salah time, maybe to pray taraweeh in the Ramadan nights. Or maybe to share Iftar with their community!

muslim family ramadan colouring page with a mosque

Mosque Colouring Page

Color and decorate the mosque to make it beautiful ready for worship and prayer.

mosque colouring page ramadan printable

Ramadan Mubarak Coloring

This Ramadan Mubarak coloring page is great for making a Ramadan card for friends and family to wish them a happy ramadan

ramadan Mubarak coloring page for kids free printable ramadan card

Ramadan Kareem Coloring

This Ramadan Kareem coloring page is also great for making Ramadan cards for our loved ones.

ramadan Kareem coloring page for kids free printable ramadan card

I love Ramadan Coloring

This I love Ramadan coloring page is cute and positive for kids to feel happiness and pride in their Muslim identity.

I love ramadan coloring page for kids free printable ramadan card

Iftar Time Bowl of Dates Ramadan Coloring

At Iftar time the most traditional food to break your fast is dates, so color this bowl of dates. Kids can even use this coloring pages to make some signs to decorate around the Iftar table

iftar time dates coloring page for kids

Tasbeeh Dhikr Time Ramadan Coloring

Ramadan is a time of remembering Allah so color the tasbeeh and remember Allah with bismillah, subhanallah and alhamdullillah.

tasbeeh islamic coloring page for kids

More Ramadan Printables, Coloring and Activities

If you would like more Islamic themed pages for your children to colour in, then don’t forget to take a look at these too:

Ramadan Color by Number Coloring Pages

Ramadan Printables including qibla arrow and Islamic patterns to colour

30 days of good deeds printables

Mosque templates for cutting and sticking

Arabic alphabet printables (these are in the middle of this plasticine post)

Download Your Free Printable Ramadan Coloring Pages Below

Download PDF format as a free instant digital download.

The first four coloring pages are in individual PDF files and the newer 5 are all bundled into one PDF file.

Terms of use: free for personal use – free for classroom use – free for community use.

Do not redistribute the PDF files.

All five of the new Ramadan coloring pages are inside the below PDF file.


Please go ahead and share these free Ramadan coloring pages and printables with friends and family so that more families can enjoy them.

Ask your friends to visit this blog post and download their own copy, rather than redistributing the PDF file. This allows us to keep producing more free resources for you all

Follow our Arabic, Islamic and Ramadan board over on Pinterest for lots more ideas and inspiration for your children during Ramadan and all year round!

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These colouring pages are great for both Muslim or non-Muslim children, to learn about different religions and cultures.

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! 🙂

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  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful Ramadan coloring pages! They are a fantastic way to engage children during this special month and help them learn about Ramadan and Islamic traditions. The variety of options, from Muslim boys and girls to mosques and Ramadan greetings, is impressive. Keep up the great work in providing valuable resources for families!


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