Ramadan Decorations and Calendars

Ramadan is here! For those who are fasting, I hope your first fast went well yesterday.

I’m joining in again with the Ramadan for Kids series with Multicultural Kid Blogs and today I’m featuring some Ramadan decoration ideas, including calendars which seem to have become really popular the last couple of years.

They are a great way to get your children excited about Ramadan. Little ones will love to see the house decorated and adorned ready to welcome in this special month, even more so if you get them involved in putting together and creating some of these simple Ramadan decorations.

If you want to get prepared you can also check out our list of Ramadan dinner ideas, to get ready for Iftar.

Ramadan decorations. Lots of ideas and inspiration for Ramadan decorations and calendars for kids

Ramadan Decorations

These days there is an amazing selection of Ramadan decorations available in shops, especially online.

However, you may also choose to take the time to make you own so we have put together a selection of easy Ramadan decorations to make, and what’s more it’s lots of fun and bonding to make these together with the children. Kids of all ages will enjoy the whole experience!

Beautiful Ramadan decoration ideas that kids can help to make

Click each of the links below to get the full tutorials for each idea.

Make your own dangling lanterns, or masjid and mosques with beautiful minarets, a colorful banner, celestial shapes, or decorate with the 99 names of Allah.

Ramadan is here, the month of mercy, and the month of Laylatul Qadr, and it’s time to make the most of this special month.

Ramadan Decorations to Make and Display in the Home

Simple Ideas for DIY Ramadan Decorations to get your home ready for the holy month.

Ramadan Calendars

Lots of DIY Advent calendar ideas can be adapted for Ramadan. You will need to make a calendar with 30 pockets / doors / boxes / windows or whatever you choose to use.

Or you could even do a special calendar for the last 10 days.

DIY Advent calendar ideas and Ramadan calendars to help kids feel excited during this special month

Again, click each link to get more information about each idea.

Ramadan Calendars

DIY Ramadan Calendars to make for all the family

10 Day Special Day Calendar *

What to put inside your Ramadan calendar?

Along with the usual sweets and treats, how about a good deed for every day

Check out our free printable Ramadan planner too which also has a list of Ramadan acts of kindness on one of the pages.

More Inspiration

There are some lovely groups that you can join on Facebook, like Muslim Mamas Lifestyle and Ramadan Creativity, where other Muslim mums share pictures of all the creative decorations and preparations that they have been making for Ramadan. Here are a few pictures that I got permission to share with you all.

Ramadan Calendar


Ramadan Boxes


Ramadan Decoration


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More Ramadan Activities for Kids

We have tonnes of free activities that you can print out for the kids this Ramadan

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ramadan decorations and calendars

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! Happy Ramadan!

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  1. Great way to greet Holy Ramadan! I liked this. Actually, we should introduce this culture so our kids also absorb these rituals from us. I was looking for some resources like http://kfoods.com/ramadan-calendar-timings/ to get actual Sehr timings for 2016 my city and found your Ramadan calendar and decorative items, which made me stop by at this page. I liked it!


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