Free Printable Ramadan Word Search

If you’re fasting this Ramadan, I hope your fasts are going smoothly. Here on In The Playroom, we have been sharing some fun Ramadan printables along with Ramadan activities and crafts for kids, to help the little ones feel involved and excited during this special month.

Today I have a simple Ramadan word search for you to download and print,

Ramadan Word Search


Click here to download and print this Ramadan word search

The word search list includes:

Ramadan / Fasting / Suhoor / Iftar / Maghrib / Fajr / Mosque / Salah / Ibadah / Quran / Sunnah / Rewards / RasoolAllah / Eid / AlFatihah

While the kids are doing the word search, or once they have finished, you can talk about each word and revise the meaning and significance of each one.

If anyone needs to know a meaning of one of the words, if you’re using the wordsearch to help your child learn about other religions and traditions for example, then please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I will help you out with any extra details and explanations!

If you’re children enjoy the word search, they can also make their own word searches by drawing a grid onto paper and filling in the words and letters. They can then use them to challenge their siblings or friends.

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  1. Hi
    My 7 year old daughter enjoyed the Ramadan word search however noticed the word Suhoor was not spelt the same in the word search it was instead spelt Sohoor also she and myself was not able to find the word Ibadah


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