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Rainbow Colours is a brilliant educational tool which introduces children to the concept of playing music in such a fun and accessible way, while also keeping them active. We were sent the Giant Piano to review, and this has been great fun for the kids both indoors and outdoors.

Rainbow Colours is designed to present the easiest possible approach to playing an instrument, by matching the colours in the booklet or song cards, to the coloured strings/stickers on the instruments. The back of the box includes colour coded song cards featuring simple and well known tunes like Happy Birthday, Incy Wincy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little star and many more. These instantly recognisable tunes give kids a sense of accomplishment as they can easy recognise and hear what they have played – and others can easily recognise it too.

The visual style of the products is great for ages 3 – 12 years, as well as students with learning difficulties or dyslexia. The system is a wonderful opportunity for parents and teachers to interact with their children while teaching them to play a new instrument. For our youngest kids, age 4 years old, they were so excited with the piano so at first they were running across it so many times and later they start to slow down and be more deliberate in which keys they want to stand on to make their music. For the older kids, they’re able to go straight to the song cards and play the music.

As a parent, when you see the little song cards it’s hard to resist having a try to play some of these tunes yourself and getting involved together with your child. The large size and the beautiful bright colours make the giant piano mat so inviting!

The control panel on the giant piano is very easy to use, and gives the option to switch to different instruments and also to record and play back your own music. It has a volume control and is all very intuitive to use.

Rainbow Colours is an educational music tool for learning to read and play music, designed by professional music teachers, and makes it fun and easy approach to learning a musical instrument.

The Slim 6ft Giant Piano Mat costs £34.99 from RainbowColours.com – It’s a great toy for all ages and such a fun way to encourage musical abilities while keeping active and entertained.

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