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This beautiful Moon Phase Craft lets you create your own DIY moon phase wall hanging to display in the home.

This moon phase craft ties in perfectly with a space theme, a Ramadan theme, or even for Halloween.

The moon is fascinating for kids of all ages and this is a great craft project for anyone who wants to learn more about the moon.

moon phases craft for kids

Whether you want to teach phases of the moon, or just study outer space in general, this fun craft is a beautiful way to introduce the topic.

List of supplies for the Moon Phase Craft

This craft uses beautiful natural supplies like twigs and wooden buttons or wooden disks to create a gorgeous long lasting DIY decoration to hang up in the home.

It would look great in a moon and stars themed nursery!

  1. Wooden Buttons.
  2. Black, white and grey acrylic paint.
  3. Paintbrushes.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Hot Glue Gun.
  8. Beads.
  9. Threads.
  10. Needle (optional)
  11. Twigs.

Step by Step Instructions

Use the tutorial below for your step by step instructions on how to make this beautiful moon phase craft with the kids.

Moon Phase Craft
Yield: 1

Moon Phase Craft

Make this DIY moon phase craft with the kids to learn about the moon and it's different phases throughout the month. The finished wall hanging will look beautiful displayed in the home!


  • Wooden Buttons.
  • Black, white and grey acrylic paint.
  • Beads.
  • Threads.
  • Twigs.


  • Paintbrushes.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Needle (optional)


    • Step 1:
      Select 5 round wooden buttons for your moon phase wall décor.
    • Step 2:
      Take two buttons; use a pencil to draw a half moon (first quarter) on one button, then on the other button draw a crescent moon shape.
    • Step 3:
      Use white paint to fill in the outlines, color one button entirely with white paint.
    • Step 4:
      Then, once the white paint dried, color rest of the sides using black paint.
    • Step 5
      Similarly color the rest of the buttons.
    • Step 6:
      Tie a knot on the hole on the top of the button using thread.
    • Step 7:
      Enter beads through the thread.
    • Step 8:
      Similarly tie threads on all the buttons, and also insert beads through the threads.
    • Step 9:
      Place your moons on the twig to measure where you want to tie them on the twig.
    • Step 10:
      Tie the full moon on the centre.
      Then one by one tie rest of the moons to finish your craft.

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    Phases of the Moon

    This craft show the cycle of moon phases from new moon to half moon, to full moon, and right back around.

    The phases of the moon are…

    Phases of the Moon

    • New moon.
    • Waxing crescent.
    • Waxing gibbous.
    • Full moon.
    • Waning gibbous.
    • First quarter.
    • Last quarter.
    • Waning crescent.

    The moon’s phase is the shape of the sunlit portion of the moon, which depends on the position of the moon in relation to the sun and the earth.

    The moon, rather than the sun, is used to determine months and years in the lunar calendar which is used in some parts of the world like China, and the Middle East.

    So, learning about the lunar calendar can tie into topics on Ramadan, or Chinese New Year.

    Why not grab this free printable moon phases calendar and try charting the moon throughout the month?

    You might also like this free printable phases of the moon layered wheel.

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    DIY moon phases wall hanging craft

    Thanks so much, happy crafting!

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