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Pin the nose on Rudolph is a cute Christmas party game for kids. This simple festive twist on the traditional pin the tail on the donkey game was a hit with my kids when we tried this out for our Nickjr Craftmas party recently, so we’re excited to share our free download of the Printable Pin The Nose on Rudolph game so that you can all play too!

Pin the nose on the reindeer is a simple game so it’s suitable for even younger toddlers to join in, but has entertained the older ones like Z too (6) as his competitive side came out with trying to get his nose as accurate as possible! This game is a whole lot of fun for the whole family at Christmas time, from toddlers and preschoolers to the parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents – get everyone involved.

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How to Make Your Own Pin The Nose on Rudolph Game

If you don’t have a printer you can draw your own Rudolph and then use either a cardboard nose to stick on to your Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, or try using a large red pom pom if you prefer.

To make life easy, I’m sharing some printable Rudolph templates from Nick Jr so feel free to download and use these to save some time in making your own!

printable templates to make a Pin the nose on Rudolph game for kids christmas party

These printable templates will give you an A4 sized head for Rudolph, with the Antlers added this will then make it slightly larger.

You could also take a much larger piece of card and then use these shapes as a guide.

Materials You Will Need

  • Brown paper/card for Rudolph’s face
  • Black, or dark brown card for Rudolph’s horns
  • Red paper for Rudolph’s nose or pom poms
  • Black felt-tip pen
  • Blue-tac
  • Material for a blind-fold (or use a sleep mask for a ready made option)

How to Make it

Step 1: Using the Rudolph face guide (printable template), trace around onto the brown paper/card. Similarly, trace around the Rudolph horns guide onto black/red/dark brown card and cut both shapes out carefully.
Step 2: Draw on Rudolph’s features with the black felt tip pen also including a black cross for where the nose should go and attach Rudolph’s head to a door or wall.
Step 3: Cut out a red circle for Rudolph’s nose, fixing blue-tac to the back of it – your game is ready to play!

How to play the game

Step 1: Taking in turns, blind-fold one of the children and guide them to Rudolph’s face.
Step 2: Pass the child Rudolph’s nose, spin them around on the spot 3 times and let them stick it to the face where they guess it should go.
Step 3: The child whose guess is closest to the black cross where the nose should go, wins!

Download Pin the Nose on Rudolph PDF Printable

Click below to download the printable template for this pin the nose on Rudolph game for christmas parties

Terms of use free for personal use and classroom use, not for commercial use.

Download your printable Pin the nose on Rudolph template pack here

How to Play Pin the Nose on Rudolph

See the step by step game rules above. Here’s our version of the game.

It’s pretty easy to cut and stick the templates so school aged children could make this game themselves.

Pin the nose on rudolph christmas party game ideaIt’s lots of fun for a Christmas party, or even for fun at home with the kids over the Christmas holidays and is sure to provide plenty of giggles.

You will also need a blind fold, or get the kids to close their eyes tightly!

playing pin the nose on rudolphWatch out, if Rudolph’s nose is placed in the wrong place, he will end up looking very silly indeed! Much to the kid’s amusement 🙂

rudolph's nose in the wrong placeYou can just use blu tack / sticky tack on the back of Rudolph’s nose so that it can be easily placed.

I hope you enjoy the Pin the Nose on Rudolph game!

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 Thanks to Nick Jr for providing the templates for us to share

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