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The holidays are coming, and it is time to get in the spirit! It’s almost Christmas, and you know what that means! Time for snow, hot cocoa, and all things holiday-related. And in our house it also means it’s time for lots of Christmas crafts for kids.

In this post, we will be making a paper bag reindeer craft. It is an easy, quick, and inexpensive project that can be completed in under 5 minutes per bag.

Ready to get started?

One of the best parts about the winter season is the Christmas holidays. To keep your little ones entertained this December, give them a paper bag reindeer craft to make.

This creative project will not only keep them busy during long winter evenings, but it will also teach them some basic crafting skills as well as provide a creative and personalised way to present gifts.

The reindeer bags can easily be used as Christmas gift bags once the craft is complete.

You can also make 24 small bags and hang them up to create a Reindeer themed diy fillable advent calendar by numbering the bags and popping a small treat, item or note inside each one.

They also work as favor bags or party bags to fill with little treats for your guests to take home at the end of the Christmas party.

How to Make a Paper Bag Reindeer Craft


You will need

  • Small paper bags – you can use plain brown paper bags or go for patterned . We tried both types and both work well
  • Paper to draw and cut out the reindeer nose and antlers – or use the printable templates at the bottom of this blog post
  • Marker to draw the details
  • Glue – you can use a glue stick such as Pritt stick or use white school glue / pva glue and a glue spreader
  • (Optional) hole punch and string

Step by Step Tutorial

First, choose your paper bag making sure that it is the right size for whatever you will want to put inside. Or if you just want to make it as a fun craft it doesn’t matter too much!

Next, draw or print out your nose and antler details. A red circle for the Rudolph reindeer nose is really easy for little children to draw all by themselves so for younger children or toddlers you may want to help with the antlers and have them make the noses.

(Don’t worry about all the plasters / band aids – she’s not hurt just in that phase where she loves playing with plasters and sticking them on herself ????)

After drawing or printing and cutting out the red nose and the two antlers all you need to do is position them onto the paper bag and glue them down.

This was so easy, 4 year old N was able to put the reindeer decorations onto her bags by herself independently and felt great about doing this craft all by herself.

After gluing on the nose and antler pieces, all that’s left is to draw the eyes and mouth. Using a black marker pen gives these some nice bold lines but kids can use crayons if they prefer.

If you have a handmade gift for your child to give to friends and relatives then a hand crafted gift bag like this paper bag reindeer just adds the final touch. Your child will feel so proud to present what they have created for their loved ones, hand crafted with care and attention.

If you would like to hang up the reindeer bags then you will need a hole puncher and some string. Then you can easily hang on the wall or even on the Christmas tree.

So there you have it. This holiday season, let’s make this handmade craft for kids that is as fun as it is functional.

A paper bag reindeer craft is a great way to celebrate the holiday season and have some fun at the same time. It’s a project that kids of all ages can enjoy – and even the grown ups too.

All you need are a few basic supplies and a little bit of imagination. These cute little guys will be sure to bring cheer into your home this winter.

Printable Template for Reindeer Crafts

Our Christmas game of Pin the Nose on Rudolph has printable templates for Rudolph’s antlers and red nose, which you can repurpose for this craft.

Click to download via the Download button below the file preview, for your free instant digital download of the PDF file.

You can also use the Reindeer antlers template from our Chocolate Rudolph Christmas cake if you prefer the shape of these ones

You may need to scale these down, for both templates. You can choose the settings in your printer to print 2 or 4 copies per sheet of A4 which will give you a more appropriate size depending on the size of the brown paper bag that you are using.

Alternatively, use these templates as a guide to copy and draw free hand and then cut them out.

If you love reindeers, why not also try our Reindeer Handprint craft which makes super cute personalised Christmas card idea for kids.

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Paper bag reindeer craft for Christmas time. This is so easy to make and a great way for kids to create personalised gift bags. Free printable template included to make this activity even easier
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