Handprint Reindeer Christmas Craft for Kids

This handprint reindeer craft is such an easy personalised Christmas card idea to make and send to friends and family. This craft uses a photo of your child along with their little hand prints so it makes an adorable keepsake and is sure to bring a smile to faraway relatives, especially grandparents!

This one of a kind Christmas card is easy to make and is sure to make folks “ho ho ho” with delight.

Easy personalised Christmas card idea Handprint Reindeer Craft


For this Christmas card craft you will need

  • Paint Brushes and Paint – Brown, White and Red. Pre mixed poster paint is great like these from Amazon
  • Coloured card – We used green but you can use any colour that you prefer
  • A photograph of your child – Using a photo printed out on regular printer paper works better than a picture on glossy photo paper. 
  • Glue – a Glue stick like pritt stick works great. 


Choose the photo that you would like to use. A clear photo of just your child’s face is the best option. 

Paint your child’s hands ready to create two clear hand prints on a separate piece of paper. Once these have dried, you will need to cut them out to stick on to the craft. Brown is best to create a clear reindeer effect, but if you like you can experiment with colours. 

While the hand prints are drying, have your child dab white paint all over your card to create a snowy background. 

Next, cut out the dry hand prints, and the face from the photograph and have your child glue them in place on the snowy painted background card. 

Finally, have them paint on a nice round red nose and their reindeer transformation is complete. 

Digital Version 

If you’re short of time, don’t have paint on hand or want to avoid mess, you can try this digital version for a similar effect. You can create this personalised reindeer picture in Canva and send as an e-card to friends and family, or print it out and glue onto some card to create a Christmas card to send out in the post, or mail. 

This is a very easy personalised picture to make, even if you do not have any skills on Photoshop or other photo editing programmes. Kids can even have fun playing around and making these themselves, depending on their age. 

To make this digital version, I used Canva pro which has a background remover tool.

Step by Step How to Make a Personalised Digital Christmas Card Graphic

  1. Remove the background of your child’s photo using Canva pro background remover tool, or a similar tool on your preferred editing programme. 
  2. Search for a Christmas background to find one that you like and place it in, behind your photograph 
  3. Optional – add some extra snow over the front of the image, using a snow patterned “element” 
  4. Search for a handprint graphic and add two handprints for reindeer ears. Using graphic rather than a photo allows you to change the colour of the handprints, and for this reindeer picture you will want to use brown. 
  5. You can change the size and direction of the handprints easily within Canva just rotate or pull the element to make it bigger or smaller. 
  6. Add a red circle for your Reindeer’s red nose just like the most famous Rudolph the red nosed reindeer that we all know and love from the popular Christmas carol. I reduced the opacity of the red nose just a bit so that it didn’t over power the face. 

And you’re done! You can play around and add more details like a frame, or some fun little graphics stickers – whatever you like. 

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