DIY Wrapped Chocolate Gifts

Yesterday we took part in a #NickJrCraftmas party together with other bloggers and parents on Twitter to chat about lots of great crafty ideas for the Christmas season.

One of my favourite ideas from the party were these DIY wrapped chocolate gifts. They would make such a great frugal gift for school friends, teachers or neighbours over the festive season. Since they are so affordable and easy to make, you don’t need to feel worried if you have a lot of people to give small gifts to – this would be a great solution, and they have such a thoughtful feel to them too since they are home made and personally decorated.

DIY wrapped chocolate gifts - these can be personalised however you like. Such a smart idea for frugal but thoughtful gifts, kids could give to friends or neighboursYou can really personalise these however you or your kids like, there are so many ways that they could be made!

All you need to make these DIY wrapped chocolate gifts is:

  • Bars of chocolate. We used white chocolate for these which is great for a “snowy” Wintery theme but use whichever type of chocolate you prefer or have on hand.
  • Kitchen foil / aluminium foil
  • Craft supplies to decorate : Coloured paper, felt, ribbons, foam stickers and pom poms all work well.
  • Scissors, glue and some felt tips or markers (optional)

How to make your DIY wrapped chocolate gift

First gather up your supplies, then remove your chocolate bars from their original wrapping so that you and your kids can get wrapping them up in their new personalised wrapping.

supplies for how to make personalised diy wrapped chocolate giftsNext you need to wrap each chocolate bar in your tin foil / aluminium foil. younger kids may need help cutting this to size before wrapping.

chocolate bars wrapped in foilYou can either go ahead and decorate the foil itself, or add an extra layer of wrapping before you decorate. We tried both ways.

decorated foil personalised chocolate bar giftsFor the chocolate bar at the top:

We cut out letters from foam with adhesive sticky backing, then just stuck them on to the foil for a festive message. It says Yule because 4 letters is easier for my kids to cut rather than a long message like Merry Christmas 😉 You could also use Noel (or if you want to use the same idea for new years then adding the year would be great), or for short names why not cut out and stick the recipient’s name onto the chocolate.

To add a finishing touch, we wrapped it with a bow.

For the second chocolate bar:

We went for a snowy wintery look, and wrapped the silver foil with a silver pipe cleaner as a bow and then added sparkly silver and blue snowflake foam stickers. If your children are giving these to their friends they could also brighten this up by adding wintery stickers or pictures of some of their favourite Nick Jr characters alongside the snowflakes.

If you want to add another layer to the chocolate wrapping, strong coloured paper is a great option. We tried making just an extra sleeve for the chocolate bar, or wrapping the whole bar in a second layer.

DIY gift wrapped chocolate bar with a snowman designIf you want a sleeve wrapping like this, cut your paper slightly shorter than the length of the bar, and then tape the sleeve wrapper at the back. Kids can draw any design they like, like our snowman here. Even simple drawings will look effective on the chocolate bar. We added a few extra pom poms for snow to finish it off.

diy gift wrapped chocolate bar with a present designTo wrap the whole chocolate bar, allow for extra paper and just wrap it as you would wrap a present. Children may need help depending on their age. You can then decorate this however you like. We used a simple present design by sticking a coloured rectangle with two strips of ribbon, then draw a little bow on top with felt pen to finish it off.

We’ll definitely use and adapt this idea again in future. I love how versatile this could be, and it’s such a fun to make gift. My children love giving chocolate and personalised ones are even better!

Nick Jr had sent us some more ideas for how to personalise your chocolate bar into a snowman or a Santa. See these instructions here and why not try out these ideas for your DIY chocolate bar wrappings too:

snowman and santa chocolate gifts - great idea!You can find out more about the #NickJrCraftmas party and see the star garland craft that we made here. This was a really fun and easy craft for even our youngest kids – perfect for Christmas or party decorations.

Look out for more easy and fun craft ideas from #NickJrCraftmas here on In The Playroom over the next few days. 

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