Perler Bead Patterns Space Crafts

Our free printable Outer Space Perler Bead Patterns are the perfect way to get your kids involved in space crafts.

Kids love to create and they are always on the look out for new ways to express themselves.

So, if you are looking for some creative ideas to use with your kids this Perler Bead Pattern free printable template is a fun way to make all kinds of super sonic Space Crafts with kids including a rocket, planets and even awesome alien crafts.

free printable perler bead pattern templates for space crafts, rockets, planets and aliens

Using Perler Beads To Make Rockets, Planets and More

I think everyone has been fascinated by the amazing pictures that you can create using beads melted with an iron. 

These little plastic beads are so much fun to use, and the best part is they are a fantastic fine motor work out for little hands, while the kids have a blast making these cool bead crafts. 

space crafts with perler beads Hama beads or melted plastic beads fuse beads

This tutorial will show you how to make a Perler Bead Pattern using a simple printable template. Make sure you print it out at full size, then the template will be 1:1 true to size and you can place it directly beneath your peg board and work with it.

Using these templates and a tub of plastic fuse beads, you can make simple rockets and alien spacecrafts using only a few materials.

Kids will love this project because they get to be the spaceship designer, you can follow the template exactly, or mix things up and let the children choose which colors they want to use, so they get to use their imagination to create some fun designs of their own.

When I was little, I loved all kinds of crafts like coloring and making decorations, and now I find myself teaching my kids to do them. My sons and daughter love to do these perler bead crafts as they are so different from the usual painting and baking.

This is a perfect craft that you can easily incorporate into your family, with adult supervision for younger kids and older kids can make these independently. 

How to Make Outer Space Perler Bead Crafts
Yield: 7

How to Make Outer Space Perler Bead Crafts

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

How to use the perler bead pattern templates to make your beaded space crafts.


  • Perler beads in multiple colors
  • Printable template


  • Clear peg board
  • (optional) tweezers for placing the beads
  • Iron
  • Parchment paper


  1. Place the template underneath your clear perler bead peg board
  2. Place the beads on top to complete the picture
  3. Once the picture is finished, place a piece of parchment paper on top and carefully move an iron on medium heat over the surface using circular motions (an adult should do this step because of the heat)
  4. Once the beads have melted and fused with the heat of the iron, let it cool enough to handle and then carefully remove from the peg board, and turn it over
  5. You need to fuse the other side too, so place another piece of parchment paper on the reverse side and repeat the process
  6. Allow to cool down completely


Free printable template at

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Perler Bead Template for Rocket, Planets and Outer Space Crafts

Use the “Perler Bead Patterns” free printable templates to get kids making fun Space Crafts with their friends!

These Perler Bead Patterns Space Crafts include

  • Rocket
  • Alien in a space ship
  • Space rock
  • 4 Different Planets Including Earth, Two planets with rings like Saturn, and two without
free printable template for perler bead space patterns, to scale

Download PDF Template

Click below to download the template in PDF format for easy printing.

Terms of use – this perler bead template is free for personal use, and free for classroom use.

It’s fine for kids to use this template to make little crafts and key rings to sell, but please do not redistribute the template file itself. If your friends would like to download their own copy, please send them across to this blog post. Thanks so much.

More Perler Bead Patterns

Want to make some more fun perler bead creations? We got you.

Check out our other free printable perler bead templates below so the kids can keep busy making popsicles, rainbows and all kinds of cool things.

More Space Crafts for Kids

More space crafts that are out of this world! Kid will love coloring the astronauts or making their own recycled space rocket craft. So much fun!

These ideas will be great for inspiration if you are planning a space theme in preschool or school, or if your kiddo just really loves space. Future astronauts… we see you 🙂

Enjoy these moon crafts with your little space explorer.


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Free printable perler bead templates. Perler bead space crafts for kids to make

Enjoy, happy crafting and happy space exploring!

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