A Positive Birth – The Dad’s Guide To Hypnobirthing Book Review

Whether you’re looking to start a family or expand an existing one, the emotional ups and downs that go along with it are never easy. 

In this post I will share a little bit of my own experience and how The Dad’s Guide To Hypnobirthing book can be a fantastic tool to help dads prepare for the big day!

Going through pregnancy and childbirth can be quite overwhelming especially if you are unprepared.

Birth can be an amazing and magical experience, but it can also be stressful and terrifying.

There is so much information out there it can be quite overwhelming, especially for dads.

Pregnancy is always a surprise and it varies from women to women and from one pregnancy to another, therefore is so important to decide what kind of birth you would prefer and make a plan.

Childbirth can be the most amazing event in a woman’s life, and dads are a key piece to assure everything goes smoothly.

Hypnobirthing is a pain management method that can be used during labour and birth.

It involves using a mixture of visualisation, relaxation and deep breathing techniques that will contribute to a more manageable birth experience.

Even before getting pregnant I knew I wanted it to be as natural as possible and have very little interventions. That’s when I started researching about hypnobirthing.

Dads can have a hard time finding their space when they are expecting a baby. It can be daunting and they may feel a bit lost, especially during birth.

Birth traditions and conventions have many believing that dads’ role at birth is confined to sitting ‘on a chair in the corner’ (at best).

But we believe the birth partner role can be so so much more through Hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing has become more popular in recent years, but there’s still a lack of resources for dads specifically and in fact we think this will be the first ever Hypnobirthing specific book for dads! 

What worked for me and my partner was to research as much as possible on the topic so he could feel involved, useful and somehow start bonding with the baby.

Getting dads involved from the very beginning is a game changer. I guess it doesn’t come naturally to some, so finding some articles, books and websites can be a great way to get both parties on the same page, especially if the dad is your birth partner.

We came across this book from DaddiLife and we love everything about it. It is a very comprehensive guide to help dads to become confident birth partners.

This book is an amazing tool to empower dads to come out of the passive role and actively and effectively participate in the birth of their child.

I love how this book is written by dads to dads, in a way they can relate and easily apply to their own experiences.

A Positive Birth – The Dad’s Guide To Hypnobirthing also demystifies some assumptions surrounding hypnobirthing, making it a much easier to understand the science of birth and the dad’s role. This fantastic book key points are:

  • A toolkit for dads to support and advocate for their partners through pregnancy and birth
  • It covers the science of birth and the role of dad as ‘Guardian of the cave,’ alongside the key information about creating the right birth plan, together
  • DaddiLife worked with two Hypnobirthing experts on how dads can get involved across a range of techniques so they have a toolkit going into delivery, and across each stage of birth.

DaddiLife Books are the dads and writers behind DaddiLife – the leading online platforms for dads who have written about a range of areas around modern day fatherhood (so this book comes rather naturally!)

You will learn about birth plans and how important it is to have one, it can make a whole difference in the entire process.

It also covers different types of birth and how to be prepare, the stages of birth and hypnobirthing techniques.

So if you are a dad to be and is feeling overwhelming, you are not alone and is a very justified feeling.

This book works as the perfect guide to hypnobirthing and answers a lot of questions you may have. This will make you feel prepared for the most important day of your life.

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