Origami Shirt & Tie Father’s Day Card

Father’s Day is not far off, and this Origami Father’s Day Shirt & Tie Card is a cute idea for kids to make for their beloved Dad! School age kids will enjoy folding and decorating this card, and writing their own heart felt note inside.

paper folded origami fathers day card idea, with a shirt and tie

To make these cards, all you need is a few simple supplies:


White Paper (regular 8.5 x 11)
Blue & Yellow construction paper (or colors of your choice)
Embellishments like glitter glue, buttons and such

fathers day 1


First, fold the blue piece of paper in half long ways and draw half of a tie shape at the fold.

fathers day 2
Then, cut out the tie and decorate it as desired.

Place the white paper in front of you vertically.

Fold each corner into the middle as if you are starting to make a paper airplane, like this:

fathers day 3
Fold the point down to the middle of the paper.

Glue the tie onto the triangle you just created, and allow it to dry.

fathers day 4

Decorate the tie any way you like! We used cut strips of paper to make stripes, as you can see, but you could do spotty, spirals, checks, or any logo or emblem that Dad would like – the more personal the better!

fathers day horizontal
Finally, write a special message to Dad under the paper fold! Any Dad is sure to love it.

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