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My kids always enjoy playing with the WWE figures from Fisher Price. We’ve tried out a few of the different ones, from the WWE Create and Customise a Superstar Range to the WWE Double Attack Total Control Take Down Play Set. Recently they were sent some new figures to review, which are part of a new WWE figure assortment from Mattel.


Kids can recreate their favourite WWE matches, or make up their own ones, with these approximately 6-inch figures created in “Superstar scale”. Each figure is sold separately, and each has plenty of detail and accuracy, and different accessories and details like armbands and tattoos.  Pair them to battle or create mayhem with multiple figures.  All of the figures have articulated limbs that can move and be posed in a flexible way.


The figures are Priced at around RRP £11.99, and are suggested as Suitable for ages 6+ (My almost 5 year old really loves them though and has for a while!)

You can also get the figures in a 2 Pack Assortment, which celebrates key rivalries, Champions, Divas, manager/talent, tag teams and siblings within the WWE community.  These are Priced at around RRP £22.99

If you want certain characters, you can get them via the Elite Assortment packs. These packs feature all of the WWE’s biggest personalities and Champions such as John Cena, and Tyson Kidd, these bold and colourful figures come ready to wreak havoc right out of the box!  Each has deluxe articulation, detailed character expressions, authentic ring attire and iconic accessories like masks, armbands, signature t-shirts, coats, and robes, and are priced at around RRP £21.99


My kids really like all of the detail included in the figures, and enjoy mixing and matching the accessories among them, as well as making up their own battles and stories using the figures. My boys actually don’t watch a lot of WWE, but despite that, these figures have always grabbed their attention for imaginary play. I think they are quite accessible to any child whether they are familiar with all of the characters or not, as they can give their own personalities to each figure just using imagination.

They are great quality figures which are really durable, and have great articulation and detail, and with so many available you can soon build up a really good collection!

For all the latest WWE news, go to: www.WWE.com/Worldwide.

We were sent the figures in order to review. 

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