How to Fold Paper Planes

I’m sure all of us have spent time folding and flying paper planes during our childhood, and now there’s a new kids movie out celebrating that timeless favourite pass time.

Here are four fun ways to fold paper planes, inspired by the hit Australian movie Paper Planes (click the link to read our full review.) This is a great family friendly movie, which the kids and I really enjoyed. It’s out in cinemas in the UK now!

These four paper plane folding ideas will see you through the stages from the classic paper plane you probably learned to rustle up as a kid, up to some crazily unique designs like the round “defier”. You can see all of these paper plane designs at different points of the movie, along with some other really impressive ones too.

Paper planes are one of the most popular forms of origami, and are a childhood staple – introduce your kids to these new designs, and I’m sure they’ll be impressed!

How to make paper planes. Folding instructions for paper planes, from simple to the complex. Classic origami activity for kids

How to fold paper planes

The Classic Dart

How to make a simple classic paper plane. Origami for kids, fun to make and race! Click here to download the Classic Dart instructions to print in PDF form

The RaptorHow to make an impressive paper plane. Folding instructions for the raptor - more impressive than the classic paper plane!

Click here to download the Raptor instructions to print in PDF form

The Manta Ray 

The Manta Ray paper plane origami, inspired by the deep sea. Printable instructions

Click here to download and print the Manta Ray instructions in PDF format

The Defier

How to make and fold a round paper plane. How cool is this! Click here to download and print the Defier instructions in PDF format

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  1. We are a homeschooling family learning about lift, thrust and drag and are having a family paper airplane flying challenge that we will post to May we use the link to this post? This is a great resource for parents who don’t know where to start in teaching their kiddos how to make paper airplanes. (Like me! lol!)


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