Fathers Day Card with Home Made Stampers

Here’s a simple Fathers Day card idea which is made more special because even the stampers used are home made!

DIY Stamper Father's Day card with handprints and footprints, made from a bottle top

We collected a couple of spare milk and juice carton lids and washed them, then these are great to use as a base for home made stampers.

We used Bostik Blu Tack self adhesive double sided sticky to attach foam shapes to the lids and we instantly had our stampers to use. It really couldn’t be easier! We have so many foam shapes in our craft box but we decided to keep it simple with hand and feet stampers, so that we could walk the letters over the page


The stampers are so easy and cheap to make though, that you could do loads and let the kids make lots of different creative stamper pictures with them too.

We painted directly onto each stamper rather than dipping them into the paint, as this gives a neater finish. Since the stampers are quite small I wanted the shapes to still be clearly defined on the card.


We chose some bright and sunny colours, but the possibilities for colours and designs for these home made stamper cards is really endless!


The result is a simple yet effective card, which is 100% home made and can be done even by a pretty young child. I’m sure that any dad would love it! Here’s the effect of ours close up. I think the hand stampers came out more defined than the feet, but they both work well together.


I’m sure we will be experimenting with lots more stamper designs too as it was so easy and fun to do!


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  1. Grace says – These are awesome and so much more special as you made the stamps and everything yourselves. Loving these 🙂
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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