Decorated Father’s Day Gift Boxes

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Sweet and thoughtful home made wrapping can make a small gift really special. We used tape to decorate these small boxes and add a personal touch, really quickly and easily. As I’ve mentioned before, my kids love using duct tape for their craft projects and you can buy so many different colours and styles that it’s a great way to decorate and customise anything.

The boxes that we used are really cute little t-shirt shaped boxes from Baker Ross

Father's day gift boxes decorated with tape

You can buy these t-shirt boxes for 2.99 for 4 or 11.20 for 16 at Baker Ross and they are 9cm x 7cm, which will fit in a small gift like a few chocolates, or a pair of cuff links.

The boys used their tape to make a 1 for “number 1 best Dad” and also enjoyed experimenting with striping other patterns.

We also had fun making the Father’s Day handprint craft from Baker Ross which you can see here.


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