Moon and Stars Nursery Decor Ideas

Your new sweet baby is about to become the center of your universe, so why not go with an outer space themed nursery?

There are so many great options to make your baby’s room totally out of this world. Navy blue starry night skies with bright dots of stars create a dark and calm nursery mood.

There are also more neutral and bright options that pair well with gray and beige tones on this list.

We found cartoonish sweet images of smiling stars and also more realistic constellation patterns. The possibilities are endless!

beautiful and classy moon and star baby nursery ideas

Moon and star nursery decor is a brilliant theme to pick because it’s possible to make it gender neutral.

A gender neutral nursery is helpful not only if you’re unsure about if you’re having a baby boy or baby girl but also if you plan on putting another child in the same nursery room eventually and would like to save on redecorating. If you’re interested in more gender neutral nursery decor you can find more ideas here.

We think you’ll be totally over-the-moon with all the star and moon nursery decor ideas we’ve picked out.

There are so many unique ideas you can use to create your dream baby room. From a simple lovely moon and cute twinkling star, all the way to a realistic solar system and star chart of deep intergalactic space… Here are some of the best nursery ideas we found to get you started!

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  • Moon and Star Pillows
  • Moon and Star Mobiles
  • Moon and Star Wall Decals
  • Moon and Star Wallpaper
  • Moon and Star Lights
  • Moon and Star Rugs
  • Other Moon and Star Inspiration 

Moon and Star Pillows

Adding a moon and a star pillow to your baby’s room is a great way to add something soft and cozy to your themed nursery.

Little accents like this can really help create the perfect space for your little boy or girl. There are so many of these pillows that use a neutral color scheme, which is great if you’re waiting to find out the gender.

Consider adding one of these pillows to your rocking chair or glider. A large crescent moon pillow might even double as a nursing pillow in a pinch, haha! 

moon and star nursery pillows

Find this moon and star and cloud pillow set here on Etsy

moon and star pillows for baby nursery

Find this neutral color star and moon pillow set on Etsy

Sherpa star pillow white cream

Find this fluffy sherpa throw pillow on Etsy

smiley star pillow

Find the smiling star pillows here on Etsy

Moon and Star Mobiles

There are so many dreamy moon and stars mobiles to choose from. These sweet twinkling mobiles will really make a great addition to your stars nursery decor.

Add a mobile above your change station to give your baby something to look at during a diaper change. Or add one above the crib for your baby to watch as they drift off to dream town.

A mobile is a really special item to give your moon and stars theme nursery an extraordinary look.

Etsy has some really beautiful and unique handmade mobile options that  fit this theme perfectly.

We also found some great options on Amazon that are a little less expensive if you’re on a budget.

cloud and stars baby cot mobile

Find this gold stars and white puffy clouds mobile on Etsy

moon and stars cot mobile

Find this gold and blue twinkling mobile here on Etsy

felt white and grey moon and stars mobile

Find the gray and white starry sky mobile here on Etsy

sleeping teddy bear clouds mobile

Find the sleepy bear and stars mobile here on Etsy

felt moon and stars cot mobile

Find this felt stars and moon crib mobile here on

solar system space mobile for baby room

Find this solar system crib mobile here on

baby nursery mobile

Find this simple white stars mobile here on Amazon

Moon and Star Wall Decals

Cover your nursery walls with a celestial motif with these fun moon, star, and cloud wall decals.

Wall decals are such a great way to create a beautiful nursery feature wall without all the work of wallpaper.

Decals are usually not permanent, so if you’re looking for a little star or moon accent wall that you can easily remove later this is a safe way to do so.

These decals come in all sorts of styles. We found a starry simple design, a modern look with a realistic full moon and even a softer watercolor-style decal option you will want to check out.

star wall decals for baby nursery

Find the decals on Etsy 

star wall decals

Find the gold star decals here on Etsy

watercolor  moon and stars wall decal for baby nursery

Find the dreamy sky decals here on Etsy

moon and stars wallpaper for baby nursery

Find the star, moon and cloud decals on Amazon 

Moon and Star Wallpaper

Wallpaper can create a dramatic accent wall in your moon and stars nursery that is sure to impress.

You can create a wall of constellations or a sparkling starry sky with these great options. Some of these wallpaper options use a bold navy or dark blue background that really makes the small twinkling stars stand out.

Others are a more neutral gray and beige for a slightly muted effect. If you’re looking for a great way to showcase the star and moon theme in your baby’s nursery, using wallpaper like this can really set the stage for the whole room’s color palette. 

night sky wallpaper

Find this space wallpaper on Etsy

moon and star wallpaper for baby nursery

Find this sky wallpaper on Etsy

space wallpaper

Find this constellation wallpaper on Etsy

star wallpaper

Find removable peel and stick little stars wallpaper on Etsy

constellation wall paper

Find gold constellation wallpaper on Amazon

Star and Moon Lights

If you’re looking for the perfect star and moon accents to add to your themed decorations, you have to consider a lamp or light!

It’s a beautiful way to brighten up the rest of the room.

There are customizable hand made options on Etsy, fun modern nova star shaped lamps, sleek crescent moons, and we even found a lamp that can clip straight to your crib or bookshelf to add a touch of reading light or light to feed your baby by when the rest of the room is dark. 

moon and star cloud light

Find the personalized star, moon and cloud set on Etsy

star lamp light

Find the nova lamp on Etsy

crescent moon lamp

Find the crescent moon and star lamp on Etsy

star lamp to clip on the crib

Find the star lamp that clips to your crib on Amazon

Moon and Star Rugs

A full moon rug would fit in nicely in an outer space themed nursery.

There are also so many options for a more subtle effect that could fit in with a light gray nursery or a baby blue nursery color scheme.

Adding a rug to your baby’s room is a practical way to showcase the theme, it can also be used as a safe soft space for your baby to practice tummy time.

If you have hardwood floors in your space, a rug can also be a great way to keep your toes warm when rocking or gliding your little one off to sleep.

There are so many great sizes to choose from, I’m sure you can find one here that fits your room perfectly.

full moon rug for space bedroom

Find the full moon rug on Etsy

cloud rug for baby nursery grey

Find the gray and blue stars and clouds rug on Etsy

grey stars rug for baby nursery

Find the rectangular stars rug on Etsy

moon and star nursery rug grey

Find the gray crescent moon and stars rug on Amazon

Other Star and Moon Nursery Ideas

From wall art, to books and even bookends, there are a few more nursery items that perfectly fit the moon and stars theme you may like to check out.

The possibilities are really as endless as the stars in the sky for this theme. There are so many wonderful and unique items you could choose to enhance the room decor.

Neutral colors, or even bold dramatic options could go well in a nursery for your little boy or girl.

Babies naturally enjoy looking at high-contrast shapes like black and white, which make this theme perfect seeing as how the bright moon can easily stand out against a dark sky. 

Find these personalized bookends on Etsy

moon nursery wall prints

Find the sleepy moon and stars prints on Etsy

I love you to the moon and back nursery sign

Find the I love you to the moon and back wall art on Amazon

I love you to the moon and back book

Find the book on Amazon

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