Mehndi Hand Coloring Pages and Templates

Mehndi designs are so fun to draw and colour, and Eid time is a perfect time to have fun with this (don’t forget to check out our eid coloring pages too)

Whether you’re a Muslim family getting your children excited about the celebrations, or you want to introduce your kids to different traditions from around the world, these free mehndi hand colouring pages will be a fun way to keep the kids entertained.

You can also use these printables to link in with other topics such as weddings.

Download the mehndi coloring pages in PDF format at the end of this blog post. (New extra pack added 2022)

Henna or Mehndi designs colouring pages and printable pack for kids.

This PDF file includes 4 pages of hand prints to colour and design:

What is Mehndi?

Mehndi is the practice of applying Henna tattoos to your hands and feet. This is a traditional Indian body art, used by both Muslims and Hindus at times of celebration like weddings or Eid, or Diwali.

Mehndi is applied using a henna cone and will last for a few weeks on your hands or feet.

Some people also spell it as Mehendi

Mehndi Colouring Pages

Enjoy these mehndi designs printable sheets and color the intricate patterns on the hands.

mehndi designs colouring page, with detailed patterns
mehndi designs coloring page, with detailed patterns

Blank Hand Templates for Henna Design Practice

You can use these blank handprints to design your own mehndi patterns

blank hand outline template to design your own mehndi patterns hand print printable
blank hand outline to design your own mehndi patterns hand print printable

Of course, you can also get the kids to draw around their own or each others hands to create these blank templates.

Why not try decorating foot prints with mehndi patterns too!

Try drawing the designs in brown, black or red tones for an authentic mehndi or henna colour.

Mehndi Design Inspiration

Share some of these designs with the kids for inspiration, and discussion.

Which mehndi designs and mehndi patterns are their favorites?

If you want to have a try and apply some mehndi with the kids, check out our guide on how to take care of your mehndi tattoo, and how to get the best color.

henna mehndi hand very simple design
henna mehndi hand
henna mehndi hand
henna mehndi hand on a child
henna mehndi hand

Mehndi Patterns to Copy

New: We have added a 5 page pack of henna patterns and mehndi designs for copying practise.

These mehndi patterns and designs are fun for kids to use to copy out onto the blank hand templates, or if you want to practise your own mehndi skills to decorate hands for your friends and family.

Practice making small precise lines, detailed patterns, swirls and floral designs, as you carefully copy out these elaborate patterns

There are some really cute ideas here like how to make a mehdni heart or how to make a butterfly in mehndi.

Mehndi designs with hearts

how to draw mehndi designs with hearts

Traditional Mehdni Designs and kid-friendly mehndi designs with butterflies and hearts

simple mehndi designs for kids butterfly and hearts

Traditional Designs and Shapes for Mehndi Patterns

mehndi patterns and shapes to copy
mendhi patterns

Traditional designs and floral patterns for mehdni

mehndi patterns to copy

Confident Mehndi artists are able to make up their own patterns free style, but if you’re starting out it is definitely a better idea to prepare with some pattern ideas and get familiar with a few of the popular shapes and floral designs, to incorporate into your henna designs.

Download the Mehndi Hand Coloring Pages in PDF

Click the download button below for your free instant digital download of all of the mehndi coloring pages in PDF format

Terms of use: free for personal use and free for classroom use

Downland the Mehndi Inspiration and Topic Pack PDF

Click below to download this multi page pack, for educational use.

Terms of use: free for personal use, and free for classroom use.

Mehdni Patterns PDF

Download this 5 page PDF below, for personal use

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Mehndi coloring pages and blank hand templates for henna design practice

Vectors from freepik used to make the printables. Photography is CC0 public domain

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